Lolita Photoshoot with Yui and Midori at Laforet Harajuku


I was lucky enough to get to meet two famous Lolita models this month  Yui Minakata and Fukasawa Midori. My friends girlfriend won the lottery for the photoshoot but was unable to go so not only did I get to meet him in an amazing park near my home where the cherry blossoms were in bloom but  because he was practicing tea ceremony I was served tea. Anyway it was there where he gave me the ticket.

When I arrived in the basement level of the Laforet in Harajuku there was already a line of lavishly dressed Lolita all lined up for the photoshoot and to my dismay a book signing as well as; I forgot to bring the book so I missed out on that . There was a bit of confusion as my ticket was obviously not in my name  with my Japanese (I was the only foreigner in line of about 40 ^_^; ) being so bad I was worried the staff wouldn’t let me do it, but they did.よかった  and Midori and Yui were realllly sooo funny and nice…I asked them about their trip to AX in Houston it must have been really hot there its actually so much easier to meet famous stars in America than in Japan. I notice some of the other girls were soo excited there were even crying and Midori was dressed in the boy style she did the manly wall pound that suppose to make girls swoon and be really macho thing to do in Japan I forgot the name of it in Japanese. Yui was dressed very cute and sweet perfect for spring.


In Japan the weather as been spring/winter even snowing .  I am pretty new to Lolita fashion and as its sooo expensive I have very limited pieces and none of the basics really. Even so I’m glad I went, even as a noob Lolita.  I also purchased the bunny ears last min at the Alice and the Pirates shop  on the same floor because I had forgotten my head dress.   It seems aside from the jumper the head dress is the 2nd most important accessory and since I’m not a fan of bonnets the bunny hears were the only thing that matched my dress but I think it  looked pretty cute.


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