My Lolita Pintrest and Polyvore

So I have started mulitple lolita pintrest  pinning my obsession with all things lolita

I have well over 2,000 pins and  34 boards to date!!!

Chocolate Lolita, Stars and Steampunk Lolita, Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita,  Sweet Lolita, Marshmallow Lolita, and my recent obsession with tights

If you like please follow my boards

My Pintrest




My Polyvore :

I found polyvore from a web article that was basically saying it was a way you could make magazine like covers or coordinate an outfit of course I wanted to try it because Lolita outfits can be a bit difficult to coordinate and expensive so you dont want to buy something that will clash.

I found Polyvore to be a fun way to play around with outfits.

Using Polyvore I am on a mission to see if I can make my dream Lolita coords  into reality.




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