Miyavi We ARE THE OTHERS tour 2015

Miyavi We ARE THE OTHERS tour 2015 I happened upon tickets to Miyavi’s concert (thanks to a friend) Saturday March 16 at Studio Coast 11159458_10204323611067309_3902274746724796824_n16492_10204323610747301_248429462544391950_n . My ticket number was 1773 which in Japan numbers are given for your ticket whether there is seating or not; which lets you know when you can enter the venue. This has its PROS and CONS  Pro- being it allows you to not have to wait or camp out  all night at the venue in order for a good spot as you can’t enter until your number is called anyway BUT  CON-  usually there is no hope to get up front  as that is usually taken by fan club  members. The concert started a bit early about  6:30 at Studio Coast  but what was a bit surprising was how late they opened the merchandise line it was open for only about an hour or so and then opened again after the concert. Usually in Japan it opens really early so buy the time you come for the concert there is no line at all. 11111614_10204323610867304_5152509893755363359_n Now to the Concert So what I said about front being for fan club only and good luck getting to the front with a crappy ticket number…Well somehow I manage mostly by being pushed by fans behind me to get alllllllllllll the way up to the 2nd row !!!. I tried not to be really push and shove I just went with the flow of the crowd for the most part I never expected to get that far front  I got a high five from him and I was just going with the flow  of the crowd and it was an insane mess of jumping and fist pumping awesomeness 80% of the time as Miyavi showed off his amazing guitar skills and showman ship belting out tunes from his new album “The Others” What really made this concert so memorable for me was how much attention he paid to  his foreign fans there even asking the audience who came from where and  joking when some said from America that they didn’t need to come all the way out there because he lives in America . He also pointed out then that he felt in Japan the concert was better because NO Cellphones!  I especially think this is true because as a performer I imagine he wants to look his audience in the face and connect with THEM NOT their cellphones, and as a fan undoubtly you will miss something if you are too preoccupied with your phone in addition making it harder for those behind you to see. I believe this is why cell phones are still banned at Japan concerts. Despite it being one of the few places that still can actually sell concert lives on DVD The next point that really impressed me was his heart felt speech on how we are all on the same road together  His music is not his own but ours  we don’t know where the journey goes but we will follow our hearts and make the world better.  If you know Korean and Japan history you know the two countries have been in conflict and Miyavi though born and raised in Japan has Korean ancestry and thus has been the target of racism. In Japan it can be very difficult for foreigners and many people that are Japanese don’t   understand this as many tend to shy away from controversial topics.  So the fact that Miyavi was pointing his out in a concert was pretty shocking to me, and the way he did so was very heavy and light hearted and hopeful not condescending or accusatory in anyway which made it all the more powerful. It made me love him even more as an artist and a person. I am thrilled to see how much he has changed. I first saw him at Anime Matsuri in Texas after he just married Melody his  English was not as good as it is now and he was sooo nervous the crowd would be upset , but we love him for the amazing artists he is and gave him the applause he much deserved and I think that really touched him. I am defiantly looking forward to continuing this journey. WE ARE THE OTHERS https://twitter.com/MIYAVI_STAFF/status/599811029384564736


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