Taco Bell is now in Japan

So the first Taco Bell in Japan has recently opened up in the trendy shopping district of Shibuya Tokyo. You can find it a few blocks behind the Shibuya 109 department store. The area seems a bit back alley but the store is anything but  it looks like a cross between a chipolte and starbucks so its basically the nicest cleanest Taco Bell Ever!

Menu – B+

 The menu is more limited than in the US. But they have a Japanese inspired burrito with shrimp and avocado so I guess that makes it a MexAmeriJapan creation.

FOOD- A+. The porpotion size seems the same but their food actually tastes a hella lot better maybe they use better ingredients I dont know and they actually serve…

FRIES! with a combo that are the bomb! the taste kind of like checkers  nice and seasoned

if your looking for spice though better look elsewhere they have no spice packets >< and ordering your food hot will be mild at best ( Japanese people tend to shy away from spicy foods)


Make sure you avoid weekends durning lunch time or the line is at least an hour wait

but hey least you dont have to get your Taco bell  fix on the American army base somewhere.

And because this is Japan there is a Taco Bell Mascot … though idk if its been seen since opening day


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