First International Lolita Tea Summit 2014

First International Lolita Tea Party Summit


Last year I went to the first possibly annual International Lolita Tea party summit. It was held in the Lolita Capital of the World Harajuku Tokyo Japan; at cafe Christie July, 2014. The special guest was the famous Lolita model and Lolita ambassador  the lovely Aoki Misako.  The event brought together Lolita’s from all over the world North and South America Europe around 11 countries were at the tea party ! This was my first Lolita event EVER so I didn’t know anyone when I arrived, so I was extremely nervous. Everyone looked so elegant from head to toe like they have been doing  this forever. I have to say  even though I went out and bought my very first Lolita dress which was the Alice and the Pirates Guilty Meltin Sweets Town in purple paired with my VAMPS necklace from their Halloween party. I was going for a Tim Burton Halloween Lolita type style, everything else was off brand. So for the event I felt severely under dressed as I still have so much to learn about the fashion. I felt that’s what made this tea party so special for me, it allowed me to see what other Lolitas wear and make new friends all while enjoying delicious tea and cakes. The atmosphere was very relaxed everyone seemed a little bit nervous as they gave their self introductions  in Japanese.


My Japanese is pretty bad I know I have lived here for 4 years and still find it difficult to understand and communicate.  Misako went around the table and chatted with all the girls, I t was soo nice to be so close to her she was very friendly and does look like a living doll even in person! I told her I visited her Lolita Fashion/photoshoot  in Laforet called Masion de Juliette  (which I will blog about soon).The staff were so friendly even to this day they remember me which I find shocking lol. After which we were able to take pictures with her.


I don’t even remember how I found out about this event, maybe from random facebook trolling. But I find that being a Lolita in Japan is fun and EXPENSIVE! and there are always so many events happening its hard to keep up. The best lesson I have learned is not to compare yourself to others and have fun!

you can read more about it in Japanese  written by the kawaii Lolita Akane Hashimoto for Macha :


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