Maison de Julietta Lolita Dress up

Last year I had my first Lolita Dress up experience. I had been intersted in the beautiful dresses of the Lolita Fashion but didnt want to drop a large amount of money on an entire outfit head to toe. Even a name brand JSK dress second hand runs for about 130$ at Closet Child. So when I learned that the famous Lolita model Misako Aoki opened up the Maison de Julietta shop in the Laforet at Harajuku, Tokyo I had to check it out.

I arrived their with my bff Emi Starshine. The staff where super friendly and help us fill out the form which included things like your name, address, favorite brands etc….

1. Dress Up!

Then we got to play dress up with the staff they had a cute selection of dress from some major brands like:Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World,and Metamorphrose. Most of the dresses have shirring in the back so it can fit many sizes ( note make sure you wear an undershirt- if you need to borrow one it costs a little extra) I wore the Girlie Stuff Collared Pinafore JSK by Metamorphrose in red.

2.) Makeup!

After dressing up we were ready for the Lolita Makeover their make up artists was very nice and was able to do cute make up on me We even shared our love for X-Japan!

(note- if your dark skin and/ or dont have Japaneseskin tone bring your own foundations!! its not easy to come by in Japan)

If you want to wear a wig that too costs extra buy you can bring your own or style your hair

3.) Photoshoot!

They have a giant alice themed wallpaper backgrounds and an array of props to choose from such as popup books, parasols, stuffed animals dont be afraid ask to see or use them. The cameraman took man pictures his English wasnt great but taking a picute isnt exactly rocket science just relax and have fun.

4.) Getting your pix

After your all done and pay at the counter your given a card with your code and website when you login you can see all your photos (watermarked) and you can download 2 for free the othe others you can pay for and download them or have them mailed to you.


The staff were so nice they even let us take pictures with our phones  too!

Overall I had a great time and recommend this to anyone that wants to dabble in Lolita culture. Its something fun to do in Tokyo you can read on their website for all the details on pricing:



    • Thank you for reading my blog Emi! It was sooo fun to do this with you I wish you were still here for fancy Lolita teaparty times …That was the first Lolita experience and pictures I’ve taken so I cherish them forever

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