International Lolita Tea Party 

  This past weekend I was invited to my 3rd Lolita event by my lovely friend Akane Hashimoss. We met at the popular Lolita meet up spot in Harajuku; Lusien Garden for desert and photoshoot. There were about 11 Lolitas from England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, USA there. Everyone started out with an introduction sharing their favorite brands and what they were wearing that day. 

   My coordinate was FanPlus Friends Time Lord dress, off brand navy blouse, hot topic tardis tights, off brand black boots that I laced up with blue lace from the craft store. so its all black and blue . My fav coord so far just need that sonic skrewdriver and tardis/darkec  pin

We were then introduced to the photographer and wait staff all of whom were very nice. 

Then was desserts: A lovely mixed plate of strawberry,rasberry,blueberry, coffee jelly, chocolate eclaire and creamy pudding like dessert.   

  After chatting for a bit we took photos with the photographer upstairs and even got pointers on taking Selfies it was like a selfie101 class lol.  

  and as usual girls must go out for purikura

   Thanks to my woderful friend Akane for putting the event together 


Not sure but I think this is pretty typical for tea parties eat drink take lots of pix and be merry


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