Burger King Japan has launched  2 new burgers

The Red Samurai Beef Burger   and  The Red Samurai Chicken Burger

featuring red bun, cheese and  a spicy red sauce.


The Red Samurai Chicken Burger


The chicken was by far the best of the two burgers surprisingly crispy and spicy, I’d even say it was the best fast food chicken sammich I’ve had in long time even though I’m not a fan of the mayo.

Red Samurai Beef Burger

11749466_10204717326989961_1008823602_n (1)

The burger doesn’t have an American whopper taste, but  it still retained a  bit of the chargrilled taste.

It wasn’t as spicy as the chicken but pretty good.

BK Fries were off the chain it tastes like it was lightly battered before they fried it not as good as checkers fries but def better than McDs

and for dessert…

Twin Pies



Black Caramel Pie-  everything about it was delicious the black crust gave the caramel filling an almost greenish hue but tasted kind of like how Mcdonalds apple pies used to taste in the US when they were still fried goodness.


RED Cherry Pie- The crust was good the same taste as the black one however the filling was kind of disgusting to me, reminding me more of cherry night quill than cherry pie filling from a can ..but then I’ve never been a fan of cherry flavor.

The only bad point was how tiny those pies were …I don’t know why they weren’t at least the size of McDonald.

In anycase they defiantly were worth trying out.

BK Japan is no stranger to going out there with their food last year they had a Star Wars Darth Vader Inspired Black Burger that was pretty good.

I just wonder why they don’t get this creative in America?!?!



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