Beauty Products of Japan

Spring 2015

Beauty Products of Japan

There are many beauty products that have come about in Japan recently some of them are really weird some are really cool here are some of what you can find in the stores here.

facial masks are nothing new in the US they are usually a cream you slather all over your  face wait for it to dry and then wipe off ..In Japan they are usually white cotton masks that have been soaked in different kinds of skin enhancing solutions from chocolate to snail gel.
Whats new….
Now you can get these masks with characters printed on them like Cats, My Melody and even Attack on Titan Monster

2. Paper Lashes ..Paper eyelashes have really taken off here you can get so may cute shapes stars, hearts butterflies ..the possibilities are endlessly dreamy and whimsical
in addition to paper lashes

3.  Eye stickers ..- tired of trying to get your eyeshadow to look cool in addition to being easy and fast you can just use these stick on  eyeshadows to make your eyes pop in ways you could never do with traditional eyeshadows from lacy patters to stars you can make your eyes look far out and …..

4. Lip Tattoos you can get the same done for your lips soo many cool patterns and shapes for your lips


while we are sticking stuff on ..

why not  on your nails too
5. Nail Stickers – easy to put on nail stickers lets you transform your nails in ways you could again NEVER do with nail polish  I especially love the Disney prints but you can even find them in the 100yen aka dollar store


6. Hair Chalk Comb


hair chalk isn’t exactly new but I think this comb that has the hair chalk already inside it make its much more convenient and less messy to apply it = genius

7. Eye Tape


Here is one that is a bit strange you may know about the tape that some Asians use to give them the double eyelid look temporarily but here is one that goes under the eye to puff up your lower lid its suppose to give you a more chibi baby look which = youthful  I think its something Kyari Pamyu Pamyu has made more popular

I can get some videos tutorials up of these products if you guys are interested

As always I feel make up and beauty products are all about exploring and having fun

If your in Japan check out some of these products; if your not in Japan and are interested in buying some of these products send me a message I am working on putting some of these up on my store envy.


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