Lolita Princess Dessert Time

I was so happy to meet my friend Akane yesterday.We did the new purikura machine in the game center its called snow white, if you have never done purikura they are a lot smaller than you would expect most of my students take them and then put the stickers on the inside of their pencil cases.

11780103_10152990451876451_974046508_o (1)

My Coord for the evening was AxesFemme Otome Girly Style because its fun and summery  11780651_10204766743745349_77664518_n (1)

[Marble Lounge] dessert buffet
“Love Princess Happy Ending”

Then we decided to enjoy my birthday early at the Shinjuku Hilton  marble lounge where there is a sweets buffet right now until the 31st of August. From 2:30 to 5:30 you can eat as much as you want!  I have never seen nor eaten sooo many beautiful delicious desserts at one time. The Lounge was so pretty and all decorated in a wedding theme.


They had trays of rasberry, apricot, lemon and lime macaroons.


2 chocolate fountains one strawberry chocolate and the other dark chocolate;

underneath which were bowls of cherries, pineapples, colorful marshmallows, and  cake cubes to dip them in.


They had an ice cream bar with vanilla, raspberry, lemon, chocolate ice cream etc….

A waffle bar where you can put an array of toppings on them.

Creamy Tarts-  like Yuzu, Lemon, Lime ,


Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Macaroon, Assorted cupcakes, Chocolate Mousse topped with a strawberry


Pink Cream Puff cakes with raspberry fulling


They had actual food trays of sandwiches, soup,and  pasta,  but I only had eyes for the desserts  like the smore pizza.

Hands down the raspberry macaroons were my favorite the berries were  not tart in anyway they were fruity and flowery deliciousness


The most interesting food was a strawberry jello like shot it was like a nice strawberry jello champagne.


If you have a sweet tooth and in the Area I highly recommend this buffet .


(Thanks to Akane for letting me use some of her photos)

After dinner I went to  the  ClosetChild in Shinjuku, I religiously scout their website for cute cheaper Lolita Clothing and add things from their site to my Pintrest …but usually I just window shop when I go there its fun to see their clothes in person but then … I saw the Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate  JSK and Skirt I have been drooling over forever


so I finally I can put together a Chocolate Lolita Coord!!

I am OBSESSED with chocolate Lolita so much so

I made special Pintrest board dedicated to all things Chocolate Lolita  please check it out

I still want ALL of the CHOCOLATE!!!


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