Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

Move over Alice Cafe there is a new Theme Restaurant in Town

The Kawaii Monster Cafe just opened up in Harajuku on August 1st by Sebastian Masuda


its located right across the street from the LaForet one of my favorite shopping malls in Tokyo.

The entrance to the cafe is just as wacky as it is inside it with two giant eyeballs staring at  you over the door. At the counter there are buttons with the different seating booths picture next to it , you can just press the button to select your seats. Then a monster girl will great you and escort you to your seats they will even let you take pictures with them and take pictures for you the monster girls are all decked out in the funnest interesting outfits ever which differ considerably from the waitstaff

There are five types of

BABY- Pastel Dreamy macaroon
DOLLY – girly ribbon emotional
CANDY – vivid pop vitamin
NASTY – edge sexy Dark
CRAZY-  anarchy Future gender-less

Our monster girl was CANDY11853973_10204905846062820_64177416_ncandy11707585_10153501775120902_5264592420159545986_n

she was pastel purple perfection very light and flowy  her hair was rad like a pastel purple jellyfish fro. She was super nice and could speak English very. After you enter there is  a giant merry go round called

sweets go round


where you can take photos; its like a giant  ice cream parfait merry go round with cherries whipped cream  and a monster mouth on top. There is a giant mad hatter hat, and a melty pikachu looking thing. Unfortunately you cant ride on it that would be really great.IMG_6461

CANDY then escorted us to our seats

AND ALL the BOOTH seating is very awesome! though a bit pricey there is a seating charge for the booths. It’s 500¥ or  about 5$ a person and can fit up to  6 people



MUSHROOM DISCO- Looks like Alice and Wonderland giant psychadelic “poison” mushroom forest loom over these seats the booth reminds me of one of those cup rides, like you should be able to spin the red round glassy table  in circles. Actually all the booths have that feel


MILK STAND- Just look up and you see why its called that. There are GIANT  heads that hang above with glowy straws of “milk” streaming into their mouths from  baby bottle lights hanging on the ceiling. There is a Hot Pink Unicorn, Purple Rabbit, Green Sheeps head.



This was like a deep sea adventure near the bar that’s wrapped in glowing tentacles overhead. These Booth has beautiful glowy jellyfishes. I would love to sit here next time.


MEL TEA ROOM – This room looks like a theater with giant macaroons and whipped cream lining the walls and what looks like a stage. The seats are open with round wooden tables and wooden seats.



If you come alone or don’t want to pay the charge for the booths you can sit at the awesome deep sea bar


there is also seating behind the mushroom diso booths the decorations are just as crazy one side has giant lips adoring the the walls.The other side near the exit has more open seating with spiny “poison” vines everywhere.


There isn’t that many food options but the prices are reasonable  and you get your menu on a tricked out tablet11822551_10153501767100902_8372941806767354088_n.

I think most people come here for the decora rather than for the food. Most of the food featured strange colorful sauces and dips I think the food dishes that stood out the most to me were:

1.The Monster Parfait – the taste is your average parfait , Ice cream, whipped cream, and cornflakes(because cornflakes is a thing in Japan)  but the looks is anything but average its a like a rainbow bright party parfait complete with a set of ruby red lips

Colorful Poison Parfait

2. Chicken and Waffles-  because WTF CHICKEN and WAFFLES!! I didn’t even know Japan knew about the delightful soulfood dish this was sooo random the chicken was delicious the waffles were a bit crunchy  they also came with rainbow dipping sauces and maple syrup.

chicken and waffles

3.Chocolate Chicken Mole Amour– I did not try this dish but the fact that it was on here was really awesome, and next time I go I will order it to see if its sweet chocolate or savory.

Some of the other dishes we tried :

Mad BLTIMG_6473

one of the sandwiches is actually a spamwich scarry lol and

Popcorn Shrimp and Fries Platters with Rainbow Sauces

IMG_6468 IMG_6475

The Candy Salad was  just a colorful salad sorry no actual candy.


They also have some interesting drinks but to save money I stick to regular drink menu and got tea.

For the full menu: KawaiiMonsterMenu

After the meal the wait staff gives you free colorful chopsticks wrapped in the Restaurants logo she even put an American flag sticker on it for us. And we got a point card, If you sit at all the booths you get a stamp for that zone and you can get a special prize of some sort. There seems to be an elaborate point card system that gives you special privileges.

Upon exit you enter the gift shop where you can buy a variety of goods like t-shirts, and keychains with the restaurant logo.

Overall I think this restaurant is definitely worth checking out, But to avoid crowds I would go early they open at  11:30pm and try to go on a weekday.

Here are some more pictures:



    • I would love for us to go back again too..I want to sit at another booth ..if you get your card stamped with all the seating areas .you get something not sure what though


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