Harajuku Fashion Walk

Yesterday Sept/21/15,

I went to my first ever Harajuku Fashion Walk! I believe its only 4 years old though so it seems like it started when I first came to Japan.

so for those that have never done one or just curious about them ..this is my experience

It was an Amazingly clear cool day about 20 people were gathered outside of the Harajuku Station right infront of the famous Takeshita Street( the street with the Delicious crepes and cool Lolita/VK/Jpop Jrock/ etc shops) EVERY Sunday you CANNOT even see the street its just a mass of people

So  right outside the station everyone was gathered before heading out we posed for group pictures for Japanese Streets  and some others. Though the gathering was small  (maybe due to silver week) everyone was dressed up in all kinds of styles Gothic, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Decorakei, Classic Lolita even a Steampunk Pirate!

I was wearing my Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate  Dress that I found at Closet Child ..I need to find the matching hat my shirt and shoes were off brand and my tights were Abilletage  Corset Tights.

I Always feel a soo under dressed when I go I should have worn a bow in my hair or a cute hat I should have had a bigger underskirt or brown cuffs etc…  and just there is even proof of just how Awkward Turtle I am  ..maybe I should make my tumblr be theakwardturtlelolita lol

You might want to prepare a short 20sec speech in case you do get interviewed  ….be prepared!

We walked around Harajuku posing for photos along the way as we walked around . I have been to Harajuku many times and it never ceases to amazing me  the back streets are just filled with so many interesting shops I have never seen before.

I would encourage everyone even if they don’t feel 100% put together to just got out there and show up! make friends and enjoy just being there.I say that because if your just visiting and put a ton of time and effort into your coord looking for people to admire you, you might be disappointed and also if you are only there to try and get an interview for TV or a Magazine, Website etc…

I was told by a friend most people in Japan don’t spend so much time on their coords  for the Fashion Walks as this is just something they wear all the time not on a whim or for the occasional convention not to say that means you need to hold back on your style its yours so ….

Show off your style and wear comfy shoes!

Everyone was pretty nice, I wish I had struck up a conversation with more people.  Though just like at a prom it may seem everyone has their own group or click..  Don’t  get intimidated and sit on the sidelines waiting for people to come up to you.

(I know that’s tough!!)

You can  go up to them  and share your love of fashion.

I think the walk took about 2 hrs because there was  an unusually long stop for photos and interviews and hanging out  before heading back toward the station. Some people left halfway through so that is fine too. Don’t feel like you are stuck until the end.

One thing to note that because there is a group of people dressed to the 9s in a very touristy area of Tokyo you will be or not be asked for your photo so be prepared for that.

I would encourage you not to get upset if someone does not ask for your photo  and tries to sneak one. I know it can seem very invasive kind of like what celebs have to deal with, with the paparazzi  taking photos whether they ask or not. but it kind of comes with the territory in my opinion (not that I condone the behavior) it is ALWAYS best to ASK. I’m just saying is it  worth getting upset over ? Some people are too shy to ask, some may not speak the language  etc… don’t let it ruin your day. (this can also be applied to conventions)

Soo, I will say that is how Fashion Walks are you show up take pictures  hang out with friends and walk around enjoying the sites. I look forward to going more often.


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