Misako Aoki Dreaming Dolly Exhibit

Misako Aoki Dreaming Dolly Exhibition!

For those that haven’t  been paying attention to Misako Aoki’s : Twitter,Facebook or Instagram she has an Exhibition in Harajuku all Sliver Week Long. Here is the schedule Sept 11~ Sept 23 From 1:00pm~8:00pm during the weekday.


It  did take a bit of wondering around to find out exactly where it was located  but its  in the Cerise  Miyasaki bldg. 1F  not  far from the cute Alice on Wednesday shop.

here is a map

locationMap12041682_10205138526759692_522629460_n (1)12047756_10205138619082000_1864968475_n

Its a pretty cute shop where you can buy cute candles and hat boxes, scarfs, dresses, tights, shoes, hair accessories and  …cute Misako goods like posters, postcards, pins, and ZINE. There was even her cute Pullip doll there in a pink and red coord. CPQVX9QVAAA4ZDH

There walls had lots of pictures of Misako  from her various photo shoots throughout her career. I had no idea she had been doing this for so long and had so many cool and cute styles.

Misako  is  currently giving talks there. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen to it T_T,  I tried to ask the lady at the counter if I could watch the class but It sounded like she said no and I got the feeling she didn’t want us there for some reason, maybe because we came after they had already started.

Though this did not detour us.. because ..its Misako X

I was able to get my ZINE ( called La valise One O’clock Midnight Tea Party) autographed which is like a photobook/mini magazine

12030803_10205138590481285_883206496_n 12032388_10205138574160877_1753699183_n

Inside the Book there are soo many cute pictures but I was suprised to see that there is so much English inside it as well. Everything was translated into English. There is also an extremely adorable A~Z isms written by her for example….

A- Afternoon Tea precious time spent talking with dear friends!

K- KAWAII  I am the Kawaii Ambassador appointed by the ministry of foreign affairs! [KAWAII] is now a word that is internationally understood and I want to continue helping it spread around the world.

Z- Zoo I really love the zoo! It’s a place where I would like to go on a date someday.

There were sooo many cute ones!! but I cant post them all as you should buy the book if you have the chance.

The last page of the talks about what went into creating the ZINE and about her goals  such as continuing to spread Japanese Lolita Culture around the world.

The BEST part was ! I even got to take pictures with Misakoさん!


She is such a genuinely nice and caring person in addition to being a model she is also a nurse  so she is always helping people.

I was so touched that she even remembered me!.

So I am not going to even lie I am a Misako Fangirl XD. She is sooo adorable inside and out. I would like to be more like her. I would love to take Misako to the Zoo. I love the Zoo too especially the petting zoo part.

It really made my week!

I will encourage everyone to check out her exhibit!


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