Lolita Empowerment!

I want to encourage Lolita Fashion Around the world. I’ve been seeing a lot of girls who love the style but for whatever reason ( media,family,friends conditioning) makes them believe its an unattainable dream .


times FALSE !!

I DON’T want anyone to feel…

1. I am not the right size.

Here is a pinterest I made just for those that have this concern.

While I admit there is a long way to go with the name brands making bigger sizes

There are still  many many off brand shops online to custom make any size its no problem! In Japan the term marshmellow girl has cropped up in Japan because girls just wanna have fun and be cute

Its really…..

All about that base… bout that base

2. I am not the right color/ethnicity.

This comes up way way too often whether its Lolita or cosplay its disgustingly racists to say if your black ,middle eastern etc.. you cant cosplay any other character than a black one because …

I. source material is heartbreakingly lacking

II. White people do cosplay Japanese anime characters ALL the time. Yes I know, to western eyes many characters look white but I’ve asked my students in Japan and they usually say otherwise soo there ya go. And of course Japanese cosplayers often cosplay white characters as well.

As for Lolita this particular fashion  movement started in Japan and I think all the  Lolita Ambassadors around the world would agree ..

Its for everyone and anyone to enjoy male female gay straight big small black white  there is enough Kawaii to go around.

(a note on cultural appropriation the dreaded word being spread around the internet like some hipster plague..Yes it is a REAL thing but NO I don’t think it should be applied so casually and especially in cases where an individual is clearly representing someone awesome and paying true homage to, we cant be afraid to dabble in each others cultures without being afraid of being seen as racists its pretty ridiculous.)

That said I made this Pintrest board

Masion de Chocolate

to pay omage to women of color who are usually the most criticized for their looks

Black Girls Are Kawaii!!


also I am really loving the hijabilolita

3. Lolita fashion is too EXPENSIVE $$$$$$$


That I can’t deny most new dresses can be as much as 300-400$ and used ones about 120-300$ not including the many many many accessories that go with it.

Here is where I say

I. BUY off brand- Check out websites like TaoBao but be careful of the knockoffs and check their ratings before buying.

II. Get Creative-  handmaking stuff is not only fun and rewarding but saves lots of money $$$

Many craft stores have cute  lace that you can use to embellish to any cute print dress,skirt,sweater,hat…. Don’t forget to wear an underskirt to puffy it all out, You can even raid the kids section for hair accessories Bows and Ribbons.

I made this hat by hot gluing cute flowers I bought at the dollar store and some lace I got from a 2nd hand clothing store here in Japan.


4. Lolita fashion isn’t something I can do for whatever reason

If you think you cant you wont its as simple as that. You write your own story. If you let the negative chatter of others

(bully lolitas included ) or in your own head get to you …goodluck in life

Though there is the connotation with that dreaded Lolita book the fashion has nothing to do with pedophilia.

Being a Lolita is about  having the looks of a doll and innocence of a child that has yet been corrupted by the world. Setting forth with all the strength, enthusiasm, creativity and wonder like Alice In Wonderland.

If you have any questions or comments please leave  a message  below

Also if you have pictures you would like me to add to those pintrest boards send them to me and I will be happy to add them.

Thanks for reading ❤

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Cover art says it all  by


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