Wonder Teatime Rose Garden Meetup

I attended my 2nd Tea Party event with Wonderland Teatime Teaparty hosted by Ai Akizuki


The event was held at Ikuta Ryokuchi Rose Garden in Kawasaki.

The event was free which included:

– mini bouquet work shop
– group photo session by the participants
– tea party
– mini individual photo session

I was surprised that some roses were still in bloom despite it being well into fall. I would love to come back with it is in full bloom and bursting with roses.

The weather was clear and warm. I wore my red BSSB JSK dress and green axes femm coat. I only wish I had worn my BSSB rabbit ears as the garden was decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme. I  optioned for a hand made head dress instead to match my coat It was fake ivy wrapped around a head band and some fake white roses that I painted a few red.

Upon entering we received a bag with rose loofa , rose bath salts, and tourist information.

Everyone was really nice I always felt a bit under dressed but I really loved seeing all the different styles. Everyone walked around talking pictures chanting and enjoying the day. We then enjoyed some tea under the tent followed by a group photo which was then printed out and given to everyone as a souvenir. Me and Amber walked around meeting the lolitas taking pictures and making a cute bouquet of roses.

After which we went to a cute Italian restaurant with some of the girls  the way they served pasta was amazing from a giant cheese wheel that was hollowed out.

I look foward to my next Wonder Teatime Party


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