Halloween in Japan/ Halloween Junky Orchestra

Halloween is coming up in Japan!!!

The shops while not as chock full of Halloween excess as America, in the past 10 years it has grown a lot.

You can find a few quirky gems such as the Pepsi Halloween Ghost Bottles each one with a mystery flavor. Its like Russian Pepsiroulette if your a cola fan.

I tried it and got what I think is cherry another one I think it was regular and then you quickly realize that if they don’t tell you the flavor its hard to really pin down, other than sweet and not as sweet generic cola. Either way its quite fun.

This year Burger King is doing their black burgers again. I hear that in America they are trying it out as well, however in Japan this version has eggplant

yes a strange topping but in Japan the eggplant hold up surprisingly well they don’t get all mushy and tasteless when cooked.Overall the burgers are pretty good.

Last year McDonalds decided to play the game with their camonbert cheese ghost burgers unfortunately they sold out before I got the chance to try it.

Halloween is still pretty new in Japan , not many people celebrate it.

So what do people do here?

The  big cities like to have Halloween Parades/Walks  the day actually month pretty much seems to belong to Disneyland and Disneysea Japan


which is all Halloween decked out even with fast passes the lines for rides is pretty insane, its best to never go on a weekend and even then you may want to just enjoy the amazing parade some people camp out early to get a good seat for it.

..though I’m sure those in Osaka must go to Universal Studios Japan for their wicked Harry Potter Attraction.


Halloween Junky Orchestra!


This has be one of the best things to do for Halloween.

Though I cant go this year do to lack of funds last year which sucks because GACKT should be there on Friday

I had a blast.  Its held every year for 3 days! at Markuhari Messe which is like a giant convention center grounds near Tokyo.

1381405_10200935922177204_244279668_n 1378202_10200935922457211_256508453_n1378266_10200935923017225_505780024_n

Fans come decked out in their Halloween best. Most Japanese people think of zombies and scary monsters as Halloween Costumes.

Though it seems the Japanese  PJ  looking Kigurumi have become popular most people here don’t think of them as Halloween costumes as anime characters are seen as cosplay not really for Halloween. Even so sooo many cool and creative costumes were everywhere!1394042_10200930130272410_1061874660_n1382387_10200935993418985_816984933_n

I think my favorite was the McDonald’s Zombie Girls


In one of the buildings was  a giant room for people to gather


with many different food stands it was basically turned into a food court where you can try Vamps specialty foods as well as many other Halloween themed fare.

9264_10200935993938998_1837311316_n 577288_10200935994939023_2111971398_n 1378135_10200930129272385_61581477_n Yes , this is redrum! ❤

There were bleachers to sit in when tired and even a stage which I think was used for Karaoke.1378106_10200935919737143_1569116207_n

The Orchestras Costumes from were put there also on display.


When it was time for the concert to start everyone headed over to the other building nearby. This building was a giant room with stage and two movie theater like screens on either side. It was a bit hard to see the stage as the floor was flat with no incline at all and the seats were foldouts with your ticket number on the back.

Because most concerts in Japan have assigned seeing it cuts down on the line drama, no need to push to the front and everyone is allowed in based on their ticket number with those up front going in first and so forth.

The concert started with a howl, 2 or 3 decked out carriages roamed the aisles with band members inside. When Hide appeared he was doing a day of the dead theme complete with lacy skull makeup, long blonde wig and black ball gown he looked like a beautiful undead bride.


Tommy Heavenly Played, Acid Black Cherry as well ,I remember thinking WOW he really does have mouse like features so his rat costume suited him very well.

During the Middle of the show they had dancers come out and do the Halloween party song and dance and then they choose the winner. We must have been subjected to the same La La La La La La La La Halloween Party La La La La La La La La Trick or Treat like 100000x times  (terrifying)

Some of the contestants could barely talk to the host so it was surprising that they would/could  actually get up the courage to dance in front of all the people lol.

Unfortunately it being a year ago, I don’t remember so much of what happened.

But at the end the Halloween Junky Orchestra decided to play some kind of drumming game where the band had to play as the conductor told them to, and if they messed up, which often was the case , they would get quite a scolding.

Overall the Halloween Party is a lot of fun!  though a bit pricey tickets cost about 100$ each and seat numbers are all random so you may or may not end up  in the  back like me. Their concert goods are really a dream though I love the skull top hat and vamps snake necklace I got . they even had gumball machines where you could get random concert merch from, I got a Halloween hair accessory.




This year if your in Tokyo and Looking for things to do here are my suggestions

1. Halloween Junky Orchestra Halloween Party

2. Tokyo Decadence


3.  Various Halloween Walk(s)

Kawaii Monster Cafe Halloween Party



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