Halloween in Japan/ Halloween at Club Nightmare Kawaii Monster Cafe

In Japan Halloween may not be filled to the brim with decorations on every house corner and the stores have quite a modest selection of candy, decorations and costumes compared to the USA

What they do have is ….Halloween MONTH

pretty much every weekend in October you can find Halloween Parades or clubs to go to in Tokyo and even the following weekend long after its Christmas time in America. Tokyo Disneyland even keeps their Halloween Parades and attractions up well into November.

Every year Halloween is getting bigger and bigger in Japan! This year on Halloween many flocked out to Shibuya to the famous Tokyo scramble. The police where out in full but the situation was still pretty intense with  many a young Halloween Reveler. Definitely not a place for pets or kids. I however steered clear of the mayhem this year and headed instead to Harajuku.

My first stop was the Laforet, apparently they were having a Halloween event but I couldn’t really find anything Halloweenful…there was however a nice long line of Lolita there who had won tickets to take pictures with some famous lolita.


halloween at laforet harajuku
halloween at laforet harajuku


The hightlight of the night was ……

Club Nightmare presents Halloween Party at Kawaii Monster Cafe

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to try my luck at the Kawaii Monster Cafe. It just opened this year and so for Halloween they joined forces with club nightmare to bring the most psychdelic Halloween party ever! The cafe is already ready for Halloween,  its decor is like Alice and Wonderland as she is walking through the forest of an acid dream or smoked some of what that catepliear had. But this time they revved it up with cob webs, dancers, DJs, makeup artists, and the TV even showed short video clips of the Adams Family Movie and an old GACKT x Mana Malice Mizer video.

The best part of course was the Dancers the DJs played an array of technoish music so one song really seemed no different from the rest. Unfortunately the sets for the DJs sounded so similar I couldn’t tell where one DJ ended and another began.

(warning viewer discretion is advised there is a lot of twerkin goin on)

The Dancers However…The Dancers!  where the main attraction! as soon as you enter the cafe there is a giant carousel with melty animals that look like Pokemon monsters.  The female dancers sitting on them or danced  around  as it spun looked more like models paid to look cool than to entertain. Though they did look really cool There was a Tinker Bell who did the now viral double face makeup which looks very trippy in real life. She even had a bedazzled prosthetic leg. and of course the Monster Girls that are ALWAYS looking cool though they did not take to the carousel they greeted customers instead and acted more like friendly wait staff to take your picture if needed and attend those that paid for VIP seating booths.

The real fun of the evening lied squarely on the MALE dancers !

They were everything!

So the costume rundown on these guys were: ( unofficial names of course)

  • Sexy leather pikachu guy
  • Sexy black leather apple man
  • Sexy duo robot dancers
  • Sexy white feather guy

They really strutted their stuff like it was a cat walk their dances made you want to give them some dolla dolla billz yall

basically it was geeky bachelorette party paradise

and only 10$ to enter which included 1 drink. It was really worth it!



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