Tokyo Design Festa

Tokyo Design Festa The LARGEST indie crafter festival in Asia



If your looking for crafts and arts from Japan. Look no further than Tokyo Design Festa held twice a year in the megacomplex of Tokyo Bigsite this massive convention center gets filled to the brim with stalls that rival any anime convention dealers room.

Here you can find a wide array of artists Illustrators, Crafters, Performers. etc from all over Asia ..but mostly Japan … It would take forever to capture each one so I will highlight the 10 booths I found the most interesting.

1. Ear cuffs by 凜花

I have seen many of these popping up with various things danging from them, however none were more impressive than  these

The dragons man the dragons.. These ear cuffs would do Kalessi Proud!


2. Fake Eyelash Jewelry by Miyuki


May the odds be ever in your favor, is what anyone who wears these lashes needs to say . Though a bit on the pricey side they are quickly becoming popular with Lolita in Japan. No expense spared when it comes to Lolita Fashion right? so let the games begin.

3. Jewelry Crafter

U style works

This beautiful resin underwater scenes are amazing! I love the floating jellyfish jewelry, its both haunting and stellar.

5. Paper – Crafter

3D paper popout art by Takorasu


Oh the things that can be made out of paper..

This time stole the show for their innovative creative 3D paper   steampunk creations.

6. Illustrator Shiffon


This illustrator really brings the other worldlyness to her work I cant say enough positive things about them the drawings are hauntingly beautiful. There is always a line for their work so get there early.

8. Fake Sweets by Room 101


I love this artist her marshmallows were amazing!

Her Strawberry hair accessories look as classy as she does. I wanted to eat and  buy everything in her booth ..I hope one day I can be like her !

9. Fake Sweets by Dolly House

This girl from Russia really takes deco to a whole new level. Her work is very refined it gives the look that some my little ponies got into a box of goodies. The amount of detail on each item painstakingly put on and arranged by hand is amazing and with a nice clean finish it looks almost manufactured

10. Real Sweets Accessories

This designer uses real actual food in their jewelry looks like the food has been dipped in some kind of resin or shrink wrap, the pretzels , cookies, and popcorn jewelry will stay fresh ..forever?


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What crafts did you like the best?

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