Vampire Cafe Lolita Meetup

Lolita Meet Up


The Vampire Cafe in Ginza



Ginza is like the Beverly Hills or the Gangnam of Japan. There you will find all sorts of high-end shops such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel , Tiffany and the like.

Here is also the home of the Vampire themed restaurant.The Vampire Cafe.

When you enter the restaurant on the 7th floor1513806_10205682467077860_3954377232655016477_n

Its of course very dark and at the check out counter there is a motion censored decoration that gives a frightened scream when anyone walks by it. There is a bright red runway that glows with giant blood cells leading you into the dining hall.

You must be careful not to trip over the black coffin thats been decorated with skulls and candelabrum. Inside though smaller than I expected, was still very creepy.  There were elegantly decorated booths with black tables and real oil lamps on top, lining the walls each of which had a long velvet red curtain to give extra privacy. In the middle of the room were two tables end to end for bigger parties which is were we sat above which was a giant light fixture decorated with black spider webs and red roses.


The menu was brought out in a giant Bible like book.

Each menu item has a funny Gothic name and decorated to match with various items such as crosses and tombstones.


I had the margarita pizza.

The crust tasted like a cracker but it was otherwise very delicious, I especially loved the little stewed garlic clove on top and cracker cross. I’m guessing this dish is not for vampires.


to drink I had

Versailles ~ Lady rose bath drink : It tasted like spiked Rose and Lemon Tea.

I got it because I love the band Versailles to celebrate their reunion.

12510349_10205669863962790_7214487841567324336_n I


I found the items I would have most like to try are the ones others got. Isn’t that just the way.

So for my next visit

recommended menu 


1. Salmon and Avocado Caesar Salad ( not only do the Vampire waiters all come out for it they do a resurrection ritual over your salad and douse it in blood-red dressing it’s quite the spectacle)

2. Herb & Spice Chicken-  it comes flaming and set on your nough said

3. Transylvania Dessert platter This is a 3 tier tray of devily dainty delights


(if its your b-day I think there are special deserts not listed on the menu. Another couple came in and a tray of little cakes with candles on them was served up by the vampire staff who then sang a very mellow happy birthday.

4. Drink- Immortality’s Cristianos Feller-to-darkness


This drink has a glowing purple light inside though I heard it tastes like soda, it looks too cool not to try. All the drinks seem very interesting though so I would order any and all of them.


Honorable Mentions

Roast Beef- A vampire will roll out a cart with a slab of the most juicy looking roast beef and carve some up for you on the spot. You will be tempted to  ask for the the whole slab! This dish is also served with mashed potatoes.


So if your ready to splurge on a vampire night look no further than The Vampire Cafe.






      • yes we weren’t scared it was so funny to read the menu. I tried one of the Alice café this year and it was also great, it was before Halloween so some girls seated near us were wearing costumes. They have a magician who does wonderful tricks.


      • I went back recently but they were being soo rude this time almost mean T_T probably because we couldnt speak Japanese and not a team of dolled up Lolita


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