I want to blog about my GACKTO Experiences, as I am going to the Last Visual Live in March, I couldn’t help but feel a sadness and gratefulness as I reflect on my experiences.

I am no stranger to fandom, it has been the source of my greatest joy and heartbreak for as long as I could remember. I have always had some singer I was pining after in middle school I was convinced I would Marry a Hanson one day lol ( they all 3 married fans by the way .. T~T)

Its that kind of passion and determination that brought about the events of


TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)

Crushed that I could not get tickets for TIFF after rushing home from work and staying on the phone line for hours ..I could not get through no matter how hard I tried. So I did what many people have started doing; I turned to social media to vent my frustration.

I cant remember exactly what I wrote but the jist was about me being extremely disappointed I was unable to get through and how much I wanted to see GACKT and his new movie BUNRAKU and ….. woe is me

and like magic I get a response from Colin Geddes~ who told me if I wrote an article about GACKT I could get free tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not 1 but 2!

okay so this news made me extremely ecstatic to say the least but also petrified, I have no confidence at all in my writing ability even as I am blogging this and to come up with an article about GACKT while, shouldn’t be hard as there is tons to write about, was daunting to think that he himself may read this as it would be posted on the TIFF website ! so yeah (freak out fest I surely did)

I of course managed to turn out something because FREE TICKETS !

Road Trip!

I picked up Melissa in NY and off we went via overnight MegaBus to Canada.

When we got there we met Colin, posed for pictures and he gave us the tickets for the movie…and as far as I am concerned that should have been the end of it but NOooo!

He asked if we would be interested in going to the party before the movie premier ..and OMFG my head Exploded!!!  I am sure he is used to hob nobbing with the stars but me ImmaBIGnobody! The closest I’ve gotten to stars then were at anime convention meet and greets/ autograph or phoot sessions but never anything close to this.

To kill time until the pre- premier party / movie premier we waited in a random hotel’s coffeshop nearby. I went to the ladies room to freshen up ( I was going through a bit of a punk-rocker faze at that time heavy eyeliner and pink hair streaks etc) looking like a hot mess lol …

When I went back to the lobby I see no other than GACKT himself and I immediately FREEZE and Gape…. O_O  Him and his entourage all dressed in white descended the stairs and looked at me. I can only imagine I must look like a complete fool gaping like that ..So I do what no fangirl should do but must do.. I approached like a deer in headlights ..mumbled in half Japanese

ME:Watashi wa Lena Desu
Me: Hajimemashite
GACKT: Hajimemashite (and he shakes my hand)
Me (grinning like a school girl) ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA !!!

and that’s it ..they descend the stairs and turn the corner and I think to myself later
why the Hell didn’t I try for an autograph, tell him I cant wait to see BUNRAKU,
How Much his music has changed my life …will he marry me jk
but I figure maybe at the premier party I will get the chance because I know
he is probably thinking he’ll never see me again.

(I only realize now these are the moments elevator speeches are made for!)

Then I ran off and told Melissa I saw GACKT !!!! because GACKT!!!!



Bunraku Pre-Premier Party

When we arrived on some side street in the evening, I wish I had brought something better to wear. the brick building was pretty inconspicuous. No one would guess thats where famous people were currently hobnobbing. There was of course a bouncer at the door and when I gave my name he let us in! (I was shocked it was on the list I really half expected it not to be) The lights were dimmed giving a very cosy cafe feel while The Servers kept bring fancy trays of h’ordrevs and asking if we wanted any cocktails
I got a cocktail made with organic soy milk and actual GOLD SHAVINGS..I was Literally drinking GOLD!  because what else would movie stars drink right?

One by one the stars of the movie started to show up. Ron Perlman, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hartnett walks in looking very very much like Squall from Final Fantasy, he had a leather Jacket with fur on the collar and his hair was all gelled up. Though I think he is an amazing artist ..I only had eyes of one ..and when he came in me and Melissa just gaped at him the whole TIME!!! (head desk ) The reason being we knew we were out of our element and didn’t want to disturb him by being all up in his grill, while he chatted with his cast mates and took pictures with them.



..though we were all up in his grill …from afar XD

He had his hair half parted and braided in a kind of corn roll style and the other half kind of flared out. He wore  a very pretty black kimono (kagura) with red butterflies  printed on it  from his  kimono project:

His staff then recognized me and asked me if I want a picture with him ( hell yah!) but all I could do was smile and nod GACKT then looks at me with the
“GACKT LOOK” that sexy squint letting me know he recognized me from earlier too ..its so weird how he can express himself with just his body language
I walk over and get a picture with him!!


We each took turns taking the most amazing picture I have ever taken in my entire life.

(So thats what a Tiff Pre-premier party is like or at least this one)


Then we left a bit early to get to the premier and at first the bouncers weren’t going to let us through but Colin saw us from the other side of the velvet rope and waved us through now we are literally ON THE EFFIN RED CARPET!!!


the one that the stars walk on and the media in front asking for photos and interviews  and the fans behind the fence screaming their heads off talking pictures. Many of which held GACKT signs and chanted his name yeah..THAT RED CARPET ! It was very surreal, I couldn’t help but look at those fans like I am you and I should be over there like I usually am. Not Here.

Then we happened to meet the fight coordinator Larnell Stovall. I asked him if it was hard to work with GACKT ..he was replied uh.. mmm …well haha and subject change does that mean yes lol?
we all know what a perfectionist GACKT can be.


So GACKT arrives and his fans go crazy.. He suavely walks by and greets them, takes photos with them, and gets interviewed. Thats when Colin (bless this man) took me to formally introduce us and I am like over the MOON at this point it. I don’t even remember what we said in front of the cameras.

And if that wasn’t  crazy enough during the movie we got to sit directly behind him ..So I cant say, I watched much of the movie but I did buy it. I think GACKT was very good in this movie. Its sad it didn’t get a bigger release as it should have, as the graphics very interesting  popart comic for a  spaghetti samurai ninja  cowboy western. I have never seen a movie like it actually graphics wise.

I know there was most likely an afterparty. Which is where I should have tried what I could to get invited to; but I had no idea how or who to speak to about that.

So like Cinderella, the show  was over a midnight and I had to go back to normal reality.

But that was one of the best experiences I have ever had

..So I had to blog about it.


I did get to see GACKT 3 more times since coming to Japan. But as a normal fangirl in a sea of fangirls.


-YFC Concert

-GACKT BEST OF Live II Concert  (I even got to sit on his bike.)



I will be going to his Last Visual Live Concert in March 2016 and this may sadly be the final time I get to see him in person. I will make another blog post about that

But I hope not.






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