Les filles de Marie Antoinette/マリーアントワネットの娘達

Saturday January 31

I had the pleasure of attending the

Les filles de Marie Antoinette/マリーアントワネットの娘達  Phootshoot and Teaparty写真 (3)

The Creator of this Project is Junichi Hakamaki -who has worked with Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and even Gucci.

The event was hosted by our kawaii friend from Wonder Teatime

Ai Akizuki

Who is very active in promoting Lolita fashion around the world.

The event was held in a studio near Harajuku/Shibuya one of the most famous areas in Tokyo known for its cutting edge fashion, music and vibrate nightlife.

Hosting about 10 girls in all I accidentally missed the earlier event and felt so bad about that but everyone was super nice and Ai was able to get me into the 2nd event.

When I arrive though about 25min late..only because I have the most horrendous time finding any place no matter how early I leave.

Everyone was seated at round white  patio tables that looked like they would be great for an outdoor garden teaparty. Right away Ai  passed around a paper box with  little pieces of paper that had a number one it, everyone drew one at random to indicate turn order. I was super lucky in that I drew last but ended up getting to go first. That basically means I got my pick from all the clothes and accessories.


Playing Dress Up


The Clothes

The main color of clothes on the racks were black, white/silverish, pink, and teal,

(There was also  Marie Antoinette pattern JSK in black or blue that reminded me of a china set.)


There were beautiful JSKs with bows down the front, hoop skirts, shawls, and lacy blouses. I have to say the ones I found the most interesting were these shawls  and an item that goes over your clothes they came in black or white and the material was unlike anything I’ve ever seen for a dress  made from a spongy mesh like material but frilly..that would be perfect for summer I bet it would keep you nice and dry. I just had to try it out so I chose a pink JSK and wrapped a white one over it. One other clothing item to note was the shirts with a Marie Antoinette picture on it and a giant red paint splotch on the neck that was truly unique.


Speaking of Unique


There were 3 of the most adorable purses I have ever seen!!! I cant even begin to describe the details on them. Each one looked like a work of art and a true labor of love. A pug purse, poodle purse, black cat purse, and white cat purse. I should have taken all of them for the picture they were hand knitted with various kinds of lace, croche flowers,  and jewels attached to them they even had false eyelashes!!

and then there were …..

The Hair Accessories!

On the table were an array of very very interesting pieces to put on your hair, you could choose whatever you want.

Various colored and length wigs

Fake flowers

Long pink, black feathers

Mini top hats

Fake birds

Miniature carriage, horse, etc..

Fake food!! such as plate of spaghetti, fried shrimp, bowls of pudding, soft serve ice cream, even a bamboo steamer with dumplings inside


I wounder what Marie herself would have chosen..probably cake !

I chose a sparking key, pink fake flowers, and the pink top hat that had feathers


and headed to the makeup/hair room

 Makeup Time

There were two hair/make stylist working on putting  your chosen hair accessories on for you as well as doing your hair and makeup . I had done my make up a bit before hand as I was worried about finding my color, which was the right move. The table was filled with curling irons, makeup brushes, various eye shadows, blushes and the like. I have never done anything like this before but it made me think of various VK band members, singers, models, actors  sitting in this kind of room staring in the mirror with the hot round light bulbs shining in their faces getting ready for a phoot-shoot for a magazine. So this was my first taste of what that world would be like … I was so nervous. Its funny because most hairstylists it seems in Japan are  very trendy guys in fact.

Phootshoot Time

In front of our tables were a a blank room  with a light defuser and various equipment for photography,  and an elegant cream chair in the middle.


The really bad thing about going first was not doing enough pose research before hand. I am worried that my shots came off very stiff and not very natural or interesting. If I could have gone later I would have been able to see how the other girls posed.

The photography/ designer told me that he created this event with the idea of Marie Antoinette in modern day Japan and what she would do and feel. He also said he chose not to use real models as he wanted the pictures to be more natural.  I was thinking be careful what you wish for …I felt super green. I need to watch youtube videos and learn how to pose for pictures I think everyone should have at least a few good poses under their belt in this Instagram world.

After everyone finished taking their pictures

We had a mini tea party and presentation by the designer


I was nervous to eat in these amazing clothes but the food was tooo amazing not to eat. I have had my fair share of amazing macaroons since coming to Japan. Macaroons are like the Lolita Kryptonite. But this was hands down the most amazing one I have ever eaten in my life!

Just look at the picture not only was it beautiful but it had coconut shavings, raspberry jam, raspberry and cream filling  on top was more cream strawberries and artfully placed chocolate and Cherry blossom flowers it was true heaven. If I get every get the money I would eat them everyday.


The tea was delicious too, I chose chocolate tea, though there was raspberry as well. One thing to note in Japan is that they usually take their tea plan, It seems many  people don’t know the joys of using cream and sugar in your tea. I do understand the blasphemy they feel for using it in green tea (I’m not talking about a macha latte as that is like coffee) but in  western style tea it seems almost like it is made for those things.

The dish they were served up in though …let me tell you what!

I have NEVER seen such a thing before

Everyone got a mini Alice tea pot the bottom or her body was filled with hot water and her head or the top had a tea bag in it


so you first


1. Remove her head

2. Open the top of her head take out the tea bag

3.Put the tea bag  in her body/teapot and let it seep

4. Then you can pour the tea into her head which has a handle to serve as the cup.

The part that was the top of her head can be placed either on top of the cup or on top of the kettle to keep it warm.



About Les filles de Marie Antoinette/マリーアントワネットの娘達

This art project poses the hypothetical question. ….

If Marie Antoinette was re-born today in Harajuku,

How would she act? How would she behave?

To understand why this question would be relevant for Lolita you must understand the origins of the Lolita Fashion subculture. From his research Mr. Hakamaki discovered that the fashion was most influenced by the French Rococo style when Marie Antoinette lived. It became popular in the 1970s through the manga La Rose de Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda depicting the life of Marie Antoinette during the French revolution with the heroines dressed up in  elegant Rococo dresses.This style of manga in fact changed the standards of beauty in Japan even today; with the manga depicting characters with large eyes, pointy noses, pointy chins, blonde hair, long arms, and long legs.

Mr. Hakamaki has traveled all over the world, reflecting on Japanese fashion   design. He realized that the world was more interested in Lolita Fashion rather than more contemporary fashion designs. Right now the global trend in fashion has become more simplified many people today opting for T-shirts and jeans.

Lolita fashion can be extremely ornamented with lot of embellishments its seen more as costume than everyday fashion like in Japan.

Mr. Hakamaki felt that he could evolve the Lolita style forward by re-imaging the future of the fashion; combining it with contemporary elements.

Helping to spread this fashion around the world and create an internationally

appealing style.

I for one think he did an outstanding job! What do you think?

-leave your comments below  –





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