Sailor Moon Exhibit and Cafe

Sailor Moon Exhibit and Cafe


 (Here is my blog post for Sailor Moon Exhibit and Cafe…hopefully I can get a video done for it, if I can edit it well.)

 I was lucky enough to catch the Sailor Moon Exhibit in Roppongi this past Sunday. The exhibit runs from April 16 to June, 19 2016 .



I have been to Roppongi a few times, most people go there for the night life. And of course Tokyo Tower also the clubs are very popular there as some pop idols frequent them. There are many embassies, meaning lots of

foreigners. So don’t be surprised if you ask a Japanese person about a hairstylist and get directed to this area of Tokyo.


Is totally High-end, there are soo many shops you would find on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills such as: Gucci, Tiffany&Co., Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and not 1 but 4 Starbucks!! (which has cheesecake frappacino now by the way) but its also very touristy there too. There is a popular movie theater, The Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City Sky View etc.  and the place is littered with interesting public art displays like this gianormaous Kaju spider complete with eggs inside its metal frame at Roku Roku Plaza .


 This Exhibit along with some others such as Pompei were held on the 52 floor of the Mori Tower. You can get an incredible view of the city from here. I found the view even better than the one from The Tokyo Sky Tree actually. We arrived on a Sunday about 1:00pm so the line was about an hour long, though the line is pretty efficiently made and there are elevator staff that work like clockwork. You can by advanced tickets at the Lawson convenience store to cut down the wait time. FYI Sunday in Japan, are typically the worst days to do anything as  almost everyone is off work then.


 Sailor Moon Cafe

 After waiting to get in, we saw the wait time for the cafe being 120min long! So we decided to go there first. I also recommend making reservations in advance using Open Table. To cut down on wait time the menu is given while waiting in line and there are only a few Sailor Moon themed menu items to choose from.

 The tables all had different cute sailor moon layouts on them.

Mine was of Rini aka Chibiusaちびうさ, and her older self Wicked/Black Lady. There were cute Sailor Moon window stickers and the front showed a TV with different Sailor Moon clips and commercials for BB Chocola engergy drink below which was a glass case with various autographed items.


If you were lucky enough to get a window seat you  can get a great view of Tokyo Tower which would be even more amazing at night. We almost got a seat by the viewing window but instead were directed to the window near the line so people waiting can looking in at you, it feels a bit zoo like. T_T

 Menu:  Each item costs about 15$; so it can be pretty pricey if you want a

main dish, drink and dessert, it would cost you about 35$ or so.


Main Course
Sailor Moon Burger


1. Its a pink bun burger with the Crystal Star on the bun, topped with eggs and Canadian bacon and star shaped tatter tots. I really recommend this dish as it was really delicious.



Tuxedo Mask Spaghetti


2.  Looks like regular spaghetti but with glasses set on top I think of which is made from toast and sprinkled with red rose petals.




3 Talisman Curry

3.  3 balls of yellow rice set in different curry sauces the green Indian curry is really spicy. The brown curry tastes more like a gravy, and the yellow curry is like typically Japanese yellow curry. On top of each rice ball though was a cute Sailor moon talisman themed item made from puff pastry dough.



Dessert Menu
Sailor Moon Parfait


  1. Sailor Moon Parfait Its a rainbow tower of jelly topped with whipped cream, ice cream , strawberries and because Japan cereal, and yellow shaped cracker moon on top.



Chibimoon Pudding A la Mode



2. Rini ちびうさPudding A la mode.This is what I had it had delicious vanilla ice cream, pink sherbet, pudding and topped with fruit moon shaped cracker and the cutest white macaroon with Chibimoons  Prism Heart seal that was rose jelly.


13315420_10206604348404317_7074764559942434398_n3. Luna Ball I didn’t get this item but I believe it is fruit topped with a bread shaped Luna face bun which I believe to be filled with a berry cream.


Luna Ball with Berry Mousse

Drink Menu

Sailor Scout Beauty Charge Juice!

(its an additional 7$ to add this to your meal)

 These drinks are made from the common energy drink you find in convenience stores called BB Chocola its, mixed with juice to give it color and then topped with berries and moon cracker. The reason for the beauty is that it has collagen in it. Many Japanese women drink collagen beauty drinks.

 If you really want to splurge there is an extra fancy expensive dinner items you can get in the evening.

Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン, )

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Exhibit

 The first room is the sky view with an amazing view of the city  on the walls were giant wall paintings of the characters over cardboard cutout arches and a card board Sailor Moon. Glass cases of different sailor moon props were around the room. and in the middle was a half moon glass case displaying various Sailor Moon memorabilia from manga, magazines, to the old video game, figures etc… In the center of that was a giant cardboard cut outs of the  Sailor Scouts characters. A photographer would take your picture of which the small photo you could keep for free and the larger one cost about 10$. On the wall there was the most beautiful giant picture of

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Princess Serenity.13319700_10206604362164661_5349500334600790170_n

 Around the corner, on the wall showed panels with the series episodes highlights in chronological order from 1st to last season the final of which never aired in USA as it was to risky and difficult to edit for the American market like the others were.

after the hall you can enter a mini theater and watch a 2 min video like a

series of comic book art.

 There are 6 exhibit rooms you can go through each showcasing various items from 1991 to today. Such as rare collectibles like costumes, bandai dolls, figures, props from the stage play, playing cards, even a bicycle. On the walls were various illustrations, story boards, stills, paintings, by creator Naoko Takeuchi 武内 直子



even the very very first story was colored and blown up and shown for the first time.

 Between the exhibition rooms was A Simply Stunning Queen Serenity and King Endymion mannequin in full costume. Her dress would be a brides dream wedding dress the jewels alone would cost a fortune.

 You need a ticket to enter the gift shop here and there is no re-entry. Unlike American gift shops with key chains and t-shirts. Japanese gifts shops love tote bags and school supplies. You will find sailor moon deco tape rolls, Sailor Moon clear files, pens, sticker rolls, tons of charms, cookies in cute boxes some with the scouts etched on the cookie of course all individually wrapped. Each Scout even had their own false eyelashes *which you can also purchase at Donquixote. And some rare times only for Roppongi Exhibit.

 Overall if you go to the Exhibit and Cafe it can be a bit expensive.

I paid about 80$ for two people but I think it was well worth it for

Sailor Moon fans to see some rare items. I bought a clear file but the thing I really had to buy wasn’t from the exhibit it was from the Roppongi Hills store.  A letter set , pencil case and magnet that  were sooo cute they look like #blacksailormoon



If you cant get enough Sailor Moon.

You can check out Qpot in Harajuku.

They are also doing some Sailor Moon themed accessories and their shop will also have a Sailor Moon Cafe.

This will run from 6/30 to 8/17 2016


Well, I hope you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment and

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There maybe some errors if you find any please let me know….

Thank you soo much for reading 



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