It’s really hard for me to post about lives
1. Because I am not a hard-core fan that can remember every single song and give an accurate  detailed set list.
2. My Japanese is sooo bad I feel guilty about having so much missing information about what was going on during the concert.
but  I have decided to give an account as best I can regardless, for those that are interested in such things.Some facts may not be exact as to the order of things. Please correct me if you know any information to be incorrect.

The GACKT Last Live Concert

I had the opportunity to go to the GACKT Last Moon concert in Kofu, Yokohama and Saitama Super Arena.


Kofu was probably one of the smallest venues on the tour, held in a typical two-story theater. Unfortunately, I was on the 2nd floor balcony in one of the last rows so seeing the show from here reminded me of watching a half time show being up in the bleachers. You get a great view of the stage and the choreography but the finer details like faces are blurry.

On the theater stage hung retractable panels with a  blood red moon projected onto it.


When the moon started to show a commercial for Nestle(who sponsored the concert) We knew the show was starting.


After that the panels expanded and showed clips like a movie from Moon Saga. An epic battle scene, rain pouring down at night and a single flower struggling up through the mud getting trampled. The bodies of Yoshitsune(GACKT) with black wavy hair and white streaks,  comrades lay slain around him in the wet mud. And he staring at his former friend turned foe  with an arrow through his back. They share some heart wrenching looks and the screen parts to the side to reveal the epic stage.

It looks like a giant Barosaurus (aka long neck) skeleton cuping  4 platforms where the band played.

Behind which is a High Res screen showing what kind of looks like those screen savers from the  late 90s windows PCs

Gackt dressed just like the cover of his new CD Last Moon in black flowing plastic and braids, I was only surprised at how glittery both his hair and costume looked.

He gave a very powerful performance the acoustics were fantastic like he was singing in your ear next to you!

Then the next movie clip started this one showing GACKT dressed as a Shinto priest the warriors try to stop him from entering but upon seeing him their shock makes them fall to their knees and even the captain is powerless to stop him as he enters the keep.

There he confronts those that would murder him. It is clear he is no longer human and is bent on getting revenge.

The panel clears and GACKT comes out dressed as that same Shinto priest!

The stage is like glowing red hell fire mirroring the sea of red glow sticks from the audience and he plays the kanto with such as scary furry it’s both mesmerizing albeit a bit terrifying , the audiences glow sticks are red adding to this purgatory scene.

*Final Show in Saitama even had some pyrotechnics fire burst! and smoke machine

Then creepy undead back up dancers perform…

swirling , twirling and jerking it kind of reminded me of the Ghost music video.

The movie starts again this time showing Yoshitsune having a passionate farewell with a comrade when suddenly the sky opens up and starts to pull him into the sky, She grabs tightly to his hands but it’s no use


Part 2 Camui G School Lesson

The movie is paused and the screen pulls out to show a class room that had been watching the show . The  Camui G School students are all upset at GACKT sensei ! and complain about him pausing the movie and GACKT is like it’s just CGI! (head desk)

and now is time for a lesson from Camui G School 101

The GOAL…Why the students must try to be the most Ikemen!(Cool) of course.

Ball Throwing Game

involves balls being shot  out of a machine at the player, if you answer a question about GACK wrong the machine moves closer pelting the player with balls as they try and dodge them.

The poor first  student that tries gets pretty clobbered, the balls are hitting the poor guy in the head and he can hardly dodge any. Then it shows Sensei GACKT throwing one of the balls right at his umm “balls” and the guy collapses on the floor in very much sketch comedy fashion. Which is of coursed replayed in slow motion  SHAME  Ding! Then he gets scored or I should say scolded on  his performance.

GACKT has a go at the machine, this time they have two going at the same time and they bring the machines in closer  as GACKT sensei forgets some GACKT trivia…but  he is still able to dodge pretty much ALLL of the balls of course lol.  ( I wonder how many takes they had to do for that )

*Saitama Super Arena showed a different game – This game involved some gladiator type fighters that were all female and the names picked  out at random had to do up against them in the middle of  of a small square platform that was surrounded by what looks like powdery flour needless to say the chosen ones got creamed lol but I was sad GACKTsensi didn’t get chosen to play ..ah well

*it look like there are 3 or 4 versions of the game and depending upon which show you see the game can change..I know at least for Kofu and Yokohama  the  game was the same one*

Next scene shows GACKT in the dressing room getting ready for the show and he is  wearing a robe which he flings to the ground showing nothing but a black speedo with a red cloth attached *somehow*  as he is exiting one of the staff  who enters and tells him it’s time to go, grabs hold of this cloth *accidently* so as GACKT  walked away *off camera* the end of the cloth is still in the staffers hands  which turns out to be pretty long *I can’t make out what is written on it as it’s all in Kanji but he then yells  after GACKT ( are you going out there naked?!)

*also anyone know who this guy staff member is let me know I have seen him walking around some of the shows before chatting with fans before.

The cinema panels retract and the stage has yellow lights flashing like a boxing match and an announcer announces the  band members onto the stage like

Part 3 Crazy Halftime Extravaganza

Everyones  glow sticks is RAINBOW


Wordrobe Change

This time GACKT has  no shirt but a sparkly red jacket and his light brown hair is sleekly brushed down ( not spiked up)  showing off his impeccable abs he is also sporting a very shiny red necklace and now the fun begins.

Water being thrown and spit out at the lucky front row fans, and Gold streamers burst from the ceiling!

*this is also the part where there is quite a bit of talking and haming up the audience GACKT saying TADAMA fans reply OKAIRI!  which mens I’m home!  Welcome Home! I swear we did that for about 30min straight while GACKT in his old man voice criticized  lol

The most pop rock songs are played. It’s time for fun cat furry as the cat song plays and costume cat dancers take the stage and some might cute kids. GACKT was wearing some of his own  concert merch! the Black track suit hoodie and cat ears.

and then the most fun drumming taiko game EVER! The screen in the back shows the targets rapidly flashing all over the place and you have to air hit them with your glow sticks. Luckily GACKT and his dancers are facing the audience and make a dance of it in perfectly timed and synced moves to help you out. This is by far the funnest and wackiest part of the show.

And makes me think I am in a completely different concert or the vk/rock concert was just intercepted by craziness.

*in the SAITAMA SUPER ARENA final show they even brought out a GACKT CAKE and we all sang him happy birthday!


And then it’s over ..time to get back to business.

Part 4 THE END

Wardrobe Change

GACKT is dressed in a classic white shirt and black jeans. The music takes a more melancholy turn with the song  PS I love you that has everyone in tears.The screen on the back shows the letter/lyrics as it’s being sung. Its pretty emotional.

The scene closes and the panels show the movie again

Flashbacks of all the ways various  ways GACKT has died from the shoot out scene in the movie Moon Child with hyde, to his death in various music videos like Returner, Episode 0.  All the while asking WHY?  WHY must he always die ?

and Boy can this man die! soo dramatically

The movie screen widens this time the fallen crew and Yoshitsune  are in the afterlife talking and communing in  a place devoid of pretty much everything except the fallen team . Everyone is drinking sake and enjoying their time together saying how they had a good life and Yoshitsune declares how tired he is and he and falls in what appears to be sleep but when he opens his eyes we are transported back to the beginning scene with him with an arrow through his chest,blood tricking down his mouth and a single tear falling from the corner of his eye.

The movie screen retracts and the stage shows

GACKT  Dressed as Yoshitsune  in that same state white feather arrow through the chest and all sitting on a throne  in the center of the stage with a white light shining down on him as snow and cherry blossoms fall. Its really sooo stunning for words and then we get to see him do one of his famous death scenes in real life!!!!

The movie screen returns for the last time this time showing a single star and several stars joining it and they all ascend together





The Saitama Arena has some special merch that was not at the other concerts like limited ep T-shirt and a new glow stick that had a purple light instead of the white pink one and also this cool car and some high end concert merch like jewelry, bags, sunglasses.  They even had GACKT food where you could buy GACKT milk and GACKT blood drinks as well has hot dog *no bun



Concert Merch

My favorite was the GACKT CHOCOLATE


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been to a few GACKT concerts while in Japan the one before that was his BEST of LIVE in which he said He was never doing a live again ..only to “SHOCK” us with this “LAST” Visual Live I am going to go out on a limb and say his next live maybe a “LAST” Love songs live  or maybe he will reform SKIN  (awesome) or do more YFC( dumbness) I went to a YFC concert it was hardly any content at all just lots of taking and hamming up the audience…..

anyway  I can understand if it’s his last visual live ..perhaps a 50 year old man in VK fashion would look a bit strange to some people.

But I still love VK!


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Till then




  1. may I ask you something?
    I’ve been fan of this guy for a very long time, sadly couldn’t attend any of his concerts, but I’ve found many on youtube, but I got curious about one thing: does he sing so perfect or did you notice they would have used a playback mode?


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