Harajukuuuuuu Harajuku desu


New video up on Black Girls are Kawaii. I wanted to take you guys down  Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Please check it out if your interested!



One of the places I love to visit is Harajuku Takashita Street. Its where you can see a wide array of Japanese street styles from Lolita, to Punk to Visual Kei.  It has changed sooo much over the past few years though. I have to say they have gotten a lot of new stores and those interesting quirky down in the basement shops are disappearing. Even one of my favorite designers H.Naoto has closed his physical stores T_T.

Even so there is still sooo much to Harajuku .

My top 5 favorite shops in Harajuku ….

  1. La Foret – This is a Huge Department Store with tons of brand name fashion. If you want to buy brand new Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World ,Axes Femme, Putamayo, ATELIER-PIERROT,Abilletage, Angelic Pretty,ALGONQUINS,Ank Rouge, Jane Marple,Leur Getter,MR corset,Maison de Julietta,Metamorphose,NILE PERCH,OLIVE des OLIVE,PUTUMAYO,RoseMarie seoir, this is the place to go.
  2. ClosetChild –  2nd hand brand name Lolita and Gothic store. This one has 3 floors the first one is Lolita with mostly Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World,  Alice and the Pirates, and Angelic Pretty. The next floor is Gothic and Punk fashion with brands by H.Naoto, Ozz On, Moi-meme-moitie . The top floor has  lines by Emily Temple Cute, Milk,and Leur Getter .
  3. Kawaii Monster Cafe…You can eat lots of crazy colorful food in an Psychedelic Alice / Kyari Pamyu inspired Themed Restaurant. The waitresses are all dressed super fun and kawaii too. You can read about it on my blog.
  4. Q-Pot Cafe ..This shop is famous for its delicious sweets accessories such as macaroons they sometimes have collaborations such as Vamps, Disney, Sailor Moon themed ..but the best part is their amazing cafe, where you can eat beautiful themed sweets.
  5. Alice on Wednesday. …Why Wednesday? because its usually the most boring day of the week you can buy lots of cute Alice themed accessories and take pictures with Alice themed backgrounds.

and of course you cant go to Harajuku and not eat a crepe, they look just as delicious as their plastic display! and taste amazing!


Thank you soo much for watching the video ,  please like,share and subscribe to the BGAK youtube channel for more kawaii content..If you have any comments or request leave them in the comment section 🙂


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