2011 Decandace Halloween Party

I had a blog awhile back that I lost the login to. I just recently found it again and it had lots of interesting articles about Japan concerts, so I decided to transfer the files here ..here is the first one

FLASH BACK Halloween 2011 

Christon Cafe in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan hosted the 2011 Decandace Halloween Party.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go this year. The reason I had to go was that   Hizaki and Kamijo from the VK band Versailles were attending the event one of my favortied bands!

other amazing performers included: Kaya from Swartz Stien, Selia,and a host of

other DJs and Spectacles.

The doors opened at 10:00pm though it was a little late getting started the line had a wide range of costumes from Hide,Kamijo,Hizaki, Kaya cosplayers, Cyber Goths, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolis, animals, characters from Alice and Wonderland and even scary big headed anime girls

Kawaii Costumes



When you first walk your given a drink discount depending on how awesome your costume is, anywhere from 1star to maybe 5stars  ..I got 2 stars for my costume which was pretty much entirely hand crafted I wore a peacock shirt, I bedazzled some bikers goggles and wore a birdcage skirt  that me and a friend painted gold with roses winding up,  in the back I tied peacock feathers. my makeup was inspired by Jasmine you (r.i.p Versailles ex.bassist) thick heavy eyelashes and three jewels placed under my eye.

so it was kind of a peackcock/ steampunkish outfit though. If I had had the money I would have loved to get this outfit from clock work couture which would go great with GACKT eyes/G Jewelry contact lenses in teal

okay enough about my costume

The Venue

The venue is a Christian themed cafe so it was all decked out in a catholic theme (themed cafes are common in Japan) with a gorgeous mural painted on the ceiling of clouds and baby angels the kind from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast ballroom scene.Hanging from the ceiling were two amazing metal sculptures that are difficult to describe so here is a picture. One hanged in the back  and one in the front near the stage. Other details such as crucifixes, bishops robes, etc were throughout the venue giving a very religious yet gothic romantic feel.


The 2nd floor was the complete opposite style though, with dayglow orangey green neo Halloween crazy. Complete with black lights that made everything glow,  a mural of intestines and weird things that reminds you of MTVs early years was painted on the wall. though a lot smaller than the downstairs scene it still was complete with bar and DJ.


Throughout the night they had different performers that joined the stage with each DJ. Ranging from two gayrus dancing on each end of the stage, to the strange half naked girl laying down while food is placed on her, that was then handed out to the audience to eat. The whole while this creepy  Kappa monster walked around  floor very slowly and creepily.


I really liked seeing the fun flower girl with the yellow and white dress dancing to the Kyari Pamyu  Pom Pom song .

and then they brought out this GIANORMOUS robot chicken thing while playing Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.


Towering at maybe 10ft it danced with the audience, flashed its lights, spun in a circle, opened its wings and showed off its eminence grandeur.. of course inside was probably a guy on stilts yet the skill it took to pull off such a display  and make you really feel like your seeing a robot was really amazing.


At around 2:00am  I make sure I’m in the front row! Fangirl Time!

Selia  comes on stage wearing long black hair and bright purple corset over a long black gothic dress and VK makeup…


then out walks Kaya wearing black hair in an up do with a tiny black church lady style hat that sprouted  feathers and a black mesh veil . Kaya’s  velvet black gothic dress so soo classy with lots of frilly black lacy trim.


Kaya mades a brief speech in Japanese and then they sang a song together.  I’m not sure the name of it but its very Gothic Romantic Rock complete with falsetto provided by Selia.

Then Kaya introduces Hizaki to the stage who is wearing cute blond curly hair with two black ribbons on each side and a black Gothic Lolita dress with gold trim and his signature dark eye-shadow  pinkish lip gloss  and lots of glitter he did his Hizaki twirl and played a beautiful black guitar for Kaya’s next song. After which Special guest Kamijo comes on stage and greeted everyone in French (which he also did at VROCK fest too)

His hair is chin length in blondish waves . He wore a white long sleeved V neck top with frills on the collar and the end of the sleeves and of course the shiny skin tight black pants and high black boots


They sang  two Versailles songs.

During the performances Hizaki got almost off the stage right in my face and allowed everyone to touch him all over. Kamijo did something similar yet more controlled and Kaya did allow everyone to touch him as well but he was more reserved and only came close enough a few times.

After the performance the band sat at a very posh looking white booth to greet fans that had gotten a special ticket pass by reserving early.  Though me and my friends revered late they still gave us the ticket when we entered the venue. The only thing I was able to say to each of them was Otsukaresama which means something like thanks for the hard work and I gave Hizaki a letter I had written for him.

I had then expected them all to leave the venue especially since they had to play VROCK fest the next day (which I also went to and feel asleep at) but incredibly they stayed the rest of the night mingling with fans and hanging out. Really party hardy Jrockers! Use to clubbing all night and performing in all day.

so anyway…

me being a fangirl stalker,  I was able to get a picture of Kamijo wearing a fans Versailles “glasses” after that Hizaki took the glasses and tried to put them on a girls face but she wouldn’t let him it was so funny .

Kamijo (Versailles)

Final Event

Tward the end of the party, staff started hanging a rope from one side of the room to the other and laid out a runway underneath made from plastic and taped it down.In the middle they hung a chain from a rope above which  held a long metal rod with several metal loops attached to it and red wires pulled through them. Everyone crowded around to see what was going on and out walks Selia wearing a long white dress his hair is pulled to the side with nails protruding out and a brownish  twisted metal tiara crowing his head. He kneels down in front of the structure and staff then begin piercing his skin with metal hooks and attaching them to the hooks at the end of the red wires.  He was then slowly hosted upward as he began singing an opera while blood  slowly oozes from his wounds.


This was really one of the bizarrest most intense performances, I’ve ever  seen in my entire life!!! The girl in front of me was literally sitting on the ground freaking out during the performance. After  as you can imagine, quite a few people threwup, because blood and booze dont mix.

Sayonara Cake

Around 5:00am they rolled out this ginormous 3 teered cake! onto the stage.

The bottom layer was square with red and black stripes over white colored frosting that went up into the 2nd rounded layer topped off with a dome shaped layer with dayglow green frosting and 666 written on it. Colorful characters then preformed a happy dancy song and the cake was then handed out to everyone who wanted.


So that was then the end of the Halloween party, full of sacrilegious fun!

after that I pretty much got straight on the train headed to Saitama for the Epic VROCK FEST !  (blog for that will be next) though its going to be very difficult to blog about such a monster of an event I’ll try my best to describe it

As always thank you for reading!! please like/share/subscribe …leave comments below.




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