Kawaii Japan Shop Open!

So I have opened my first Depop shop selling various #kawaii goods www.depop.com/kawaiisweets

I love Japanese Otomekei and Lolita Fashion, Jrock Jpop music  like VAMPS, GACKT, XJAPANetc and anime like Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, Inuyasha etc..

Its hard to have a focus for my store. I am basically starting off with many different kinds of things, but I think I may need to narrow it down to be more effective.

Right now I am trying to figure it all out and need to get the promotion marketing ball rolling which is why this blog post.

I really hope you guys can help me out and share my shop, even likes will help. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.I need to figure out a way to break out of the daily 9-5 grind and will work hard to make this work.

There are sooo many amazingly cute goods in Japan that arent getting out there.

What kinds of things from Japan, do you have trouble getting ahold of?

please leave a comment below…


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