Valentines Day in Japan

I know it’s way past Vday guys … I’m sorry for the late posting…..

I wanted to tell you about the differences in Vday in Japan vs in western  countries like America.

❤️Valentines Day 2/14❤️

🇯🇵 In Japan, Vday is for girls to give presents to boys. NOT the other way around 😳❣️ especially handmade chocolate.

I find this surprising because in the supermarket the Vday aisle is pretty small but its full of typical Vday chocolate, the kind of beautiful box assortments women would like.

Of course it’s still common for school girls in middle and high school to give chocolates to their female friends… it’s a BIG deal though if they give it to a boy lol.

You can check out a video I made for you guys on BGAK YouTube Channel….


💟White Day 3/14💟

So because of this Japan has invented White Day. This day is for the men to step up and reciprocate, usually to the toon of something like 3x more than what the girl gave them… which I think is pretty sweet lol.

The aisle in the stores for white day is noticeably smaller and not as cute… which leaves me scratching my head.

I really don’t get it.


🖤 Black Day 4/14🖤

🇰🇷 Korea has taken it even a step further with Black Day. On April 14th, people that didn’t receive any Valentines on Vday or White Day can visit a reasturant for singles and eat …

💔Black noodles T_T

Maybe it’s a good chance to hook up with other singles?


What do you guys think of White and Black Day? Would you like them in your country? If you do celebrate these days Please tell us how in the comments.
Thank you for reading 🌹



  1. In my country (Germany), both men and women can give presents, but it is often the men who does it. I personally think Valentines day is stupid haha, but I think it is a good opportunity if you want to buy cute stuff for your bathroom etc. (in Japan you can always find cute stuff in the stores but not in Germany D:)


    • Thats really interesting. I think the US used to be that way too but VDAY was taking over by coporations and now its like Halloween and Christmas where there is tooo much stuff for it and everyone is expected to by presents for everyone.


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