Grand Opening of Kawaii Sweets Japan

I finally made a store

selling  kawaii  fake sweets accessories from Japan!


In Japan, there are a wide array of classes you can take to learn how to make incredibly detailed and realistic looking food, usually its sculpted out of polymer clay.  Many of the classes are pretty expensive and even come with certification! Lots of housewives will do this as a hobby on par with knitting.  So its no wonder craft stores in Japan are stocked full of many of the tools needed to bring any food to life.

It really isn’t as easy as it seems, even I have tabbled a bit…


My fascination with this art is what drove me to create a web-store. I wanted everyone around the world to be able to wear their favorite foods as accessories.

In this way you can always indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt!


The shop is full of handmade goods from local artists around  Japan.


I am constantly looking for the best quality and cutest products  to add.

But I need your help…

Please take a moment to fill out this poll…


Thanks so much and please visit my store

..New items added daily based on your suggestions!  and dont forget to like and share





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