Nipponsuki TV

*If your wondering why some videos dont play  on this blog this is why ..I have moved my lenarose  youtube channel to nipponsuki and will be uploading them onto the new channel ..then fixing those links ..sorry for the inconvenience guys T_T


I want to say sorry for being MIA …I have been busy rebranding  and am excited to say….

I just launched my own youtube channel !!! …yeah for the 2nd time.

The reason is that I decided to rebrand the channel after you guys nipponsuki wordpress will now have its own youtube channel!! Nipponsuki  TV 


I wanted to make it so that it would be easier for you guys that follow my blog to also find my other social media as well.

So I ‘m going to teach you all about what life  is  really like in Japan from What is the food like?  to How do you teach English in Japan?  Where can a sister do her hair and makeup lol? and everything in between…

If  you have ever felt like you wanted to come to Japan and always get the negative chatter from family and friends telling you, you cant do it because X…Y…Z .  If you felt like your dreams maybe only pipe dreams..

I been there and done that you can too

Subscribe to my Channel ! and I will post new videos every Saturday (usa time)

Right now I am working though a backlog of some content from the previous channel but I will be uploading new things as well

If anyone is interested in a collab send me a message ..

Have any questions? leave a comment on this video


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