Thrifting Life Hacks for Japan Expats

If your new to Japan or traveling here for the first time and want to pick up some cute items cheaply

….where do you shop?

In a word Thriftstores more specifically the BOOKOFF ; which started off selling mostly books such as 1$ manga. If your familiar with manga, there are tons of books in the series and many people will read them and then sell them to the book off ; In Japan there is a huge market for them. In addition to  manga ,books magazines  etc ..the Bookoff has expanded greatly  over the years.


This is by far the best place to shop for pretty much everything from a new wardrobe, that is fashionably stocked with name brand items , electronics, video games, cds, toys from the many ufo catchers  aka claw machines , baby clothes , shoes , purses, suitcases, The list is pretty endless  you can find almost anything at the Bookoff Bazaars.

The reason the quality is soo good is that… unlike many goodwill stores or salvation army stores in the US people tend to buy higher quality goods to begin with so when they get rid of things its not just from cheap stores like TJ Max or Marshells.

In edition  when you resell your items to the bookoff ( don’t expect much for them unless its namebrand) if its unsaleable you can ask them to trash it for you !

(This is great because living in Japan, some trash is hard to get rid of without calling for special pickups)

I for one always keep a look out for my favorite brand Axes Femme.


I feel like the stigma of buying used is pretty ridiculous, when  you go to a shopping mall and look around you..a good portion of those new items will end up in some landfill.

I think its pretty important for everyone to buy used as much as possible, so in this way you can have the things you want, at a price you can afford , and help the environment ..its a WIN WIN in my book .


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