Otome Kei Fashion Look Book

Hey guys, I wanted to give you a fun summer otome kei fashion look book video.

These are the styles I have been rocking this summer.

Mostly Axes Femme, I love the elegance of otome kei without having to deal with all the restrictions of Lolita such as petticoats and blouses. I  feel I can have the best of both worlds in otome kei fashion; Also the price is super affordable.

So, I am super excited to announce to you all that I have decided to follow my passion for princess fashion and stop just pintresting but I am opening up a webstore, so that I can bring these kawaii princess fashions to you. I hand select each item for its quality from the 2nd hand stores around Tokyo. I think buying used is the best as 1. you can get prints no longer in the stores and 2. It reduces our carbon footprint on the world, even if just a little.


Otome Princess

If you love otome kei please check out my video and share with your friends, subscribe to my  youtube channel and  leave a comment on which items you liked the  best.

I am considering doing a live shopping experience, where you get to decide what items to stock my shop with!

When my shop opens officially August 25th the first 50 shoppers will get a special kawaii present from me.


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