Moff Animal Cafe

Japan is the land of amazing restaurants like Kawaii Monster Cafe, Vampire Cafe, Christon cafe, Alice Cafe  and more which are beautiful themed decorated restaurants.

(You can check out my other blog posts if you want to know about the cafes above.)

Then there are the amazing popup character cafes everyone from Sanrio Characters like Cinnamon roll and Gudetama to animes like One piece and Sailor Moon.

Although they says cafe they are definitely restaurants, as their nothing like say a cozy Starbucks, they each with their own specialty food items.


Then you have the animal cafes which are nothing like cafes or restaurants at all, they are more like a mini petting zoo, where you may or may not be able to order drinks and usually there is no food, though some let you feed the animals. There are sooo many cat cafes now that business has expanded to owl cafes, rabbit cafes, hedgehog cafes..and More!


For my birthday my friends took me to Moff, a cute little animal cafe in Tokyo.

The best part about this one is that you have a variety of animals not just one ..

you can check out the video below….


which cafe is your favorite ?

leave a comment below…. and as always like share subscribe guys

……..thanks for reading


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