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So as a thanks to 50 Youtube subscribers I made a get to know me Tag! ✨🎉💕👏🏾❤️🤗✨

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So as an added bonus for my blog readers, I have added some extra questions that were not in the youtube video….

  1. What do I like the most about living in Japan?

I love how safe I feel here. I dont have to really worry about harassment, which is a big deal as a women; having the freedom to walk down the street at night even in not so savory areas and feel relatively safe is MAJOR. I am not saying dont be careful, but I haven’t had to be so on my guard here as I did in the US. Also I dont have to worry about things getting stolen because of my forgetfulness. I once left 100$ cash in my wallet on a train in Tokyo and was able to get it ALL back money, cards and all.

2. What dont I like the most about living in Japan?

There is discrimination in Japan, most people are nice but sometimes dealing with the suspicious foreigner thing can be a bother, such as people staring at you, crossing the street when they see you coming, not wanting to get in an elevator with you, changing their seat on a train so they dont have to sit next to you. These micro aggressions can happen for a variety of reasons from the mundane: people are genuinely terrified they will have to speak English, to they really dont like foreigners. I am a quiet person by nature and dont like sticking out and in this country that is pretty impossible.

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