Magical Spider Lily Forest!

Welcome to the Red Spider Lily forest located in Kinchakuda in Saitama  Japan.

I have been wanting to see this forest for about 5 years now and now that my job has moved to this area, I was finally able to do it!

To get to it from Tokyo you can take the Chuline to Hachioji and transfer to the Hachiko Line bound for Kawagoe from there transfer at Higashi Hanno station  and hop on the Seibu Line one stop to Koma Station. There maybe other routes to get here but this is the one I used as its an easier walk to Kinchakuda from Koma station than Komagawa station though there are buses from Komagawa that will take you there.

I love Red spider lilies !! they are the most magical flower I have ever seen! They literally just popup out of no where, so they are also known as Surprise Lilies and with their bright red wispy petals they look more like fairy wings to me than spider legs they are also known as fairy flowers.

In Japan,  not only does this flower symbolize the end of  the oppressive summer heat and coming of the cool autumn weather, but it is also the time of Obon where Japanese families visit graves to honor their loved ones.

Their Japanese name is Higanbana ..bana / hana is flower and O Higan is the day of the autumn equinox meaning “the other shore flower”, from the Buddhist term higan (“other shore” aka where you go when you die).  Another Japanese name for it is manjushage, which is a flower found “in paradise” they are thought to also grow in the afterlife and help the dead to find their way there. So they are often planted in graveyards.

There blubs are apparently poisonous so farmers also plant them to keep rats, and moles from their crops.

What do you think of this fairy forest?

Please  leave a comment below and as always thank you so much for reading!


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