Hiroko Tokumine Lolita Tea Party

UPDATE 11/5/12

Yall Im shook I was able to be on NHK Kawaii International !!! still cant figure out how to save that episode so I can add it to my few and far between yet awesome library of when I was in stuff lol http://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/


Lolita tea party time

So last weekend, I was super excited to attend Hiroko Tokumine’s Lolita Tea Party! I was already super nervous about going and the fact that it would be filmed by Kawaii International made me even more nervous. The event was put together by Katie Iwasaki from the group Kawaii International

If you dont know who Hiroko Tokumine is here is her website https://www.htokumine.com/

She makes the most amazingly stunning Lolita / Disney Princess inspired wedding dresses ever! Her designs have graced runways in Japan and have been worn by famous Lolitas such as Misako.

I was able to talk to her bit, her and her sisters English is really good as they have lived in California. Their house in Japan is super cute and felt so western like an English cottage. I was suprised to learn how young they are, both in their 20s . Her sister is also her photographer. Hiroko wore a stunning Japanese print dress for her tea party. I was surprised when she said it only took her one day to make it!

​The table was super cute and decorated with flowers arranged by my friend Ai Akizuki from Wonder Teatime

…and check out the food!  a cute little cocoa squirrel with whipped cream, heart chocolate , delicious mini cupcakes and cute little cakes. I got a beautiful strawberry short cake🍰. There was plenty of different kinds of tea from earl gray to rose to go around too.

During the party we played hangman, the winners could pick from various handmade prizes, like hair bows and flower corsages. I got one almost right way after guessing Cinderella.  In the picture below…

Wedding Dress fitting

After the party, I was invited to stay and try on a dress. I was super nervous to do so of course! part of the reason is that I’m like idk faux thin, where I look thinner than I actually am. The dress that was originally chosen ended up being too small for me, Poor Hiroko had to do what fashion designers do best work with unpredictable situations! So I ended up having  my dress changed which was even better because it was the Princess Diana inspired dress.​

​ I have always been a big fan of hers, I still cant believe she was only 18 when she got married. I felt like Princess Diana, Giselle from Enchanted, or even Sarah from Labyrinth

Hiroko even let me wear a real pearl necklace she made and the matching bonnet ! I cant even say how amazing the experience was I am truly grateful for all of it even the embarrassing parts…..👸🏾👏🏾💕✨💕🍰👰🏾

Embarrassing Moments confessions!🤦🏾‍♀️





Before going to any tea party,  I usually get huge bouts of anxiety. I feel like it doesn’t matter how often I go,  (which isn’t that often) I still am sooo nervous. I can hardly leave the house …and about my coord for the party, I was wearing Axes Femme which I was told anything in the kawaii realm was okay, but everyone was in full on head to toe Lolita . I really hate not representing like I could/should have in that case, especially because its going on TV.  I also ended up wearing some really awful shoes! They were from closetchild and Oz Onn but they flaked all over the place!! it was my first time wearing them and they hurt my feet so bad I had to walk super slow needless to say they end up in the trash after that.

Then the dress fitting , Hiroko really had to do everything she could to kind of stuff me in that dress…I hate being sooo top heavy I could fit into most things if not for that ><

..I had to remind myself the reason I went in the first place, because my anxiety really wanted to have me cut and run away the entire time!  But I did it for all you guys, I wanted to represent and show BGAK even in this small way… well that was my motivation anyway, and if I stopped myself from going to these tea parties for feeling under-dressed I probably would never go. One thing I have learned is your never fully 100 prepared for anything so you might as well do it and get better as you go along.



For Kawaii Black Youtubers

Its really rare to be able to get/ have / see pictures like these online..I have looked high and low.  I also have come across lots of frustration with people not feeling their channels are mattering..so with that being said…

I decided I want to do more to help grow the kawaii black community grow.

So, I created this fb group for us youtubers!

If you have a kawaii channel please join the group!




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