Odaiba Tour

So I have been to Odaiba so many times, and with good reason. It is easily one of my favorite places in Japan.


There are sooo many fun and interesting things to do there. Starting with a great view of Tokyo Bay on the monorail line. It takes you right under the iconic Rainbow Bridge, and stops along so many great places to visit, such as.. Fuji TV station, Miraikan Future Museum, Tokyo Big Site, Venus Fort, Palette Town,  Zepp Tokyo Concert Venue, the *inuyasha* Ferris Wheel …and sooo much more.

On this edition of nipponsuki. I finally made a video for you guys that explores some of the these places. Let’s check out the New Unicorn Gundam! Tokyo Design Festa 46, Future Cars of Toyota, and more!

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You can also click on the bell so you never miss a video the newest on shows the Amazing projection mapping on the old Gundam and illuminations flashback from 2016.


Thank you all so much for reading/watching .


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