Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year from Nipponsuki!

So for all you loyal readers , and youtube viewers. I  made a video about one of the best parts of Japanese New Years no not the Fukubukuro ..but….THE FOOD!

Soooo this time we go shopping at the local grocery stores, to get some of the most delicious traditional Japanese New Years foods.

*sorry, I look a bit of a hotmess at the beginning, because I wasn’t going to make a video about that, but decided to at the last minute… anyway have a look.

It’s called Osechi.


Each dish in Osechi has a special meaning, usually to bring in prosperity for the New Year when eaten. My favorite is the kuri kinton or golden mashed chestnuts,  eating it symbolizes the wish for wealth in the New Year. There is also lots of delicious crab legs and giant prawns either simmered or tempura for sale.

And lets not forget the adorably cute  traditional sweets!


What are some of the foods you guys eat for New Years and what meaning does it have? Please let me know in the comment section.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is other traditions for New Years in Japan.

Basically, people do a giant cleaning before the big day, sort of like Spring cleaning in the US. I think this is a fantastic tradition. I hope to carry with me when I move back. I think getting rid of all the clutter helps set yourself up for a good start in the New Year. I used the Konmari method, a fantastic way to declutter. Basically, if something doesn’t spark JOY in your heart when you hold it, get rid of  it from your life. In this way you will be surrounded by nothing but the things that give you joy.

On New Years Day Japan doesn’t have a giant fireworks displays, instead people head out to temples and listen to prayers and the temple bell is rung. People then head to temples the next day to buy special lucky arrows with the year of the dog printed on them and they make prayers at the temples.  It’s seen as a time for reflection and can come across as a bit dull to people looking for excitement.

Some people also wake up early to see the first sunrise of the New Year!  I did this last year in Yokohama and it was very cold but beautiful. This year I slept in though. I also celebrated the New Years twice once in Japan and again watching the live stream of NYC Time Square. I toasted with sake with golden flakes instead of champagne…because I figure the more gold the better lol. ..well

Here is wishing you all a Golden 2018!!

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Out with the old and in with the New may 2018 bring you all lots of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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