Qpot Cafe a Lolita Valentines Day Teaparty

So this was my first time going to Qpot cafe! Qpot is a famous fake sweets accessories shop, they often do  collaborations with everyone from rock stars like Vamps,


animes like Sailor Moon, to Sanrio and Disney characters. In addition to cute macaroon, cookies, jelly candy  necklaces, charms and the like, the Qpot in Harajuku has a cute cafe right across the street, where you can dine on equally delicious looking real treats.


After wanting to go here for so long, I finally got my chance..

thanks to Wonder Teatime for hosting a super cute Lolita themed Vday party.

I was really lucky in that, this event was perfect timing as the location will be moved to Omotosando, making the teaparty one of the last events in that location.


The cafe was actually a lot smaller than I had expected it to be. I would say it could hold no more than 50 people or so. Making it hard for passersby tourists to get a reservation. If you do go, it would be best during off time like midday on Wednesday.  Hopefully the new location will be bigger and better able to handle the load.

So without further adieu, here is my Youtube video for you guys.


and if your interested in my outfit you can find it and many other lovely lolita items on my Lacemarket, and also you can get a free Sanrio Present with your purchase!


Comes with matching bow and wrist cuffs!


Thank you so much for reading!

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