Black Panther in Japan

So, I finally got to watch the Black Panther Movie Last night. The movie dropped in Japan on March 1st. Well after most of the world, so I have been dodging spoilers like Neo from the matrix. That said it was well well well worth the wait. I wont give spoilers but it was just such a joy to watch. This movie was sooooo rich. Rich in story, Rich in Acting, Rich in Costume Design, Rich in Music ..if they don’t sweep up all the awards then ..I don’t know what. I love the strong female presence it’s so rare to see so many different versions of excellence in one movie. Even the adversaries were so multidimensional, had scar from the Lion King been built up in this way, maybe he would have been more relatable..makes we really wonder about the new live action version and what they will do with that.

I wanted to see this movie in the 4X movie theater in Odaiba, and maybe I still can, but as I went with a group of friends, budgets had to be considered. I was super shocked that only the 2nd day in and the theaters were not sold out! I guess that shouldn’t really be a shocker as, there was minimal advertisements here. Now I don’t watch tv, but  I’ve had many teachers and students not even know what this movie was, and indeed even in the theater itself there were NO flyers to be found AT ALL! T_T  and the cool BP display was a bit hidden , instead the theater was showcasing some old Blade Runner stuff in the top spot… while the lego display is cool  see pic blow ….lego

… I was disappointed BP wasn’t in that spot.

However… what is EVEN more disappointing to me and I am truly truly in utter shock and flabbergasted is the situation with merchandising!

I thought wow this theater in Tokyo has such a small section of merch for this movie, unbenounced to me that the merchandising in the US is utterly abysmal ! I often wonder why theaters in the US don’t have deals to sell goods, that’s where they would really clean house , not charging 100$ for popcorn anyway…..

It’s not even that Japan has rolled the red carpet out on BP, it’s more that this is normal and expected for almost all movies to have at least some amount of goods/swag, so while I am looking at it like its super small. I quickly realised how much worse it could be.

That being said I want to share this with the outside world as much as I can, so if anyone is interested, I am setting up a loot box with about 4-5 items. The reason why a loot box is that… if you want something specific and its not there, I don’t want to have to chase it down.

Here is a list of possible items you will find in said box… these are mostly the things that would be hard to find stateside *so not  action figures and funko pops though I maybe able to arrange these as well if you pm me*

but more like school supplies

 Black Panther & Pins Set

 Black Panther Bandana

 Black Panther Clear File Set (3 sheet set)

 Black Panther 3D clear file

 Black Panther Color Changing Pencil Board

 Black Panther Mascot Mechanical Pencil

 Black Panther Mascot Ballpoint Pen

 Black Panther Purple/Black coasters

 Black Panther Pet Bottle mascot cap

 Black Panther Key Chain

 Black Panther Charm/ Cellphone Strap

 Black Panther Mascot Towel

All goods are Brand New and Shipped EMS from Japan.

the listing can be found here: 

I can only offer this  for a limited time  as I am moving from Japan, I can no longer ship things after March 28th so you better act fast!

I dont sell items individually as it has to be worth my time and effort going to the post office.

Also can I just say these Funko Pops are adorable!!! My first time buying them

I got the triple threat Queens of Wakanda.

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