All you can EAT PIE Harajuku !

The Pie Hole


 Happy Naruz!/ New Year!

 I was able to surprise my s/o with a pie buffet for New Years. His religion celebrates New Years on March 21st after a period of fasting, and because he loves pie sooo much, I figured this would be a great treat.

 There is a Pie Hole in Shinjuku that we have been to a few times. It can cost about 5$ for a slice of pie, so that’s pretty pricey. Normally we would skip on it, because, though delicious, the cakes in Japan are just tooo good we go for that instead.

 I mean just look at these….


 Pie hasn’t really caught on in Japan yet, while you can find tarts, they are usually custard filled, not fruit and definitely not nuts like pecan, or savory like Shepard’s pie.

When you’re feeling nostalgic though, especially around Thanksgiving and you want a slice of pumpkin pie and you don’t have an oven and can’t get to Costco

….well The Pie Hole is there for us expats in need.

 The Brand New Harajuku Pie Hole( located on my fav. Takeshita Street!) is serving up the all you can eat goodness.

 Usually you can get a pretty big slice for  about  5$, but with this all you can eat pie for 80min for about 16$, we easily and quickly ate our money’s worth, even though they were notably smaller slices than normal.

 Please watch my video on youtube or facebook to see inside the newly opened Harajuku restaurant and find out which pies I think were the best! and leave a comment.


 So, for the best pie, hands down the pecan was where it’s at for sweet pies; out of the savory pies the mac n cheese is not to be missed.

Green Tea also gets an honorable mention for being surprisingly and presently delicious the salty caramel went really well with the matcha flavor.


However for my nipponsuki readers only

I will also tell you which pies were a bit of a disappointment, to save you from maybe wasting your money.


1. Strawberry Lavender Pie

It’s probably not going to go over well in Japan, as it has that hard super sweet icing on top that they rarely use, which I also hate. It was mixed with lavender, but tasted more like generic herbs like rosemary.

It was like eating a fancy poptart, (I hate icing poptarts)


2. Earl Grey Pie

Whoever decided this tea would make a good pie was, off their rocker. I think even Captain Picard would think this pie was sacrilegious. It’s not quite sweet or savory it’s just in a bizarre space between.

 3. Pumpkin Pie/ Custard Pie

Not that these were bad, they just weren’t anything special, and if you’re going to spend 5$ on a pie you want to make sure it will be amazing right? The only time I would get pumpkin would be for Thanksgiving …because tradition.


What’s the craziest pie you have ever tried? leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading.

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