something I’ve written

I’ve never posted anything I’ve written as far as poems and lyric art forms go but I figure I’ll give this blog a shot …mostly because no one is reading it lol

 I can’t focus on mercy and grace

on deaf ears falls the illusions of salvation

you never seek your own redemption  yet you pluck the thorns of  blood red roses

This light shines so brighly warm winds encircle the setting sun

Come Down toward the darkenss

Stand up at the Alter

in shame I hide my affections love is wrought in sin and pain

preach to me your endevers threw you I live forever  drawing up the line of


I will lead you from the dust of disallusion out of the ashes of your fear

I’ll rise to bring you the water of oasis springing forth little labors of love

in this story of the moment red wings burn my eyes

I shutter to think what might have been  under the moon I sense it rising

and yet always….

vanishes in azure light


okay that’s all I got hope you all enjoyed that bit think it could use some work


-please don’t steal


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